How to Choose the Right Business Signage?


You have one chance to make a first impression. This goes for both how you run your business and what customers see when they first lay eyes on your business.

And most likely, the first thing they will see is your business signage. So what do you need to make sure that your signage for your business garners the attention of potential customers?

Read on to learn how to make the best signs for your business! 

Have a Budget

Signs can be quite expensive if you don’t pay attention to the prices accompanying everything you purchase. Since that’s the case, you’ll want to set a budget before you do anything else.

Your budget will most likely determine the materials of your sign, its size, and the installation costs that you are willing to pay.

Consider Visibility 

There is not going to be a huge benefit to you if the sign you buy is hidden behind a tree or just a small design on your storefront.

If you are going to spend money on a business sign, you need it to be visible to everyone – people should be able to clearly read it from the road.

Read Reviews Before You Buy

You’ll want to read reviews about multiple signage companies before you buy a sign.

This can help you determine how much experience they have and better understand how they are customer service-wise. You want to make sure they will be there if you have questions or problems with your sign.

You can read reviews on Yelp or Google as well as their website.

While reading reviews, make sure that the companies you are looking at are full-service companies. This means they will work with you from the start of building the signage to the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of it.

Choose a Design

Now for the fun part! You want to choose a design that fits well with your business brand as well as one that is going to grab the attention of customers.

To choose, consider the demographic that your company targets. If you are trying to target a more traditional demographic, stick with basic fonts and colors. If you are targeting children and young teens, you probably want to choose bright colors as well as fun or funky fonts to grab their attention.

For instance, a restaurant is probably going to have a more fun sign than a financial institution because of the demographic they are targeting.

If you also want to advertise inside a mall or other store, consider SEG displays as well.

Business Signage You Love

When it comes to choosing business signage you love, there are a few steps you have to take first.

You’ll need to set a budget, think about your demographic, read reviews for companies, and then design it!

Once you do all of that, you’ll have a beautiful sign that attracts customers to you. 

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