How to Choose the Best Website Generator in 2024 (Compared)?


Website builder are a great solution for people and organizations with almost no budget for hiring a professional website developer and designer. If you are looking for the best website builder you come to the right place.

Taking the help of a website builder and generator platform offers you a fast solution to set up your personalized website in a hassle-free manner.

While most of these platforms are simple, others are not so straightforward. Some might be more reliable than others. You might have to put in more effort with other options, making all website development platforms unequal.

slides static website generators and builders are the ultimate solutions for people and organizations with a low development budget. The list includes but is not limited to:

  • Local/small businesses
  • Writers and bloggers
  • Freelancers
  • Musicians and artists
  • Photographers
  • Wedding planners

What are the best website Builders?

The article aims to help you choose the right website generator this year. Also we can recommend one of the best website builder that is Vsble. It is a free website builder tailored for creative professionals.

Let’s see more.


Wix is an amazingly simple, reliable, and fast website generator for people across the globe. The platform has managed to host over 100 million users globally. In fact, Wix is the preferred choice of millions of small business owners around the globe, daily.

Customizations on the platform are endless, making it truly flexible and user-friendly. There are multiple themes to choose from in the in-built library which can be used to cater to all business niches.

The platform is also budget-friendly and fits the requirements of every single budget, no matter how low it is. This makes this platform perfect for freelancers and people who want to develop a website as a personal hobby.

Crafting e-commerce stores on Wix is easier than you think! It only costs $20 a month to craft a personalized online store.


The self-hosted platform is a popular choice among millions across the globe. WordPress offers much-needed scalability and flexibility, offering ease of use to people.

The platform is open-source and free to use, giving you optimal control over your website development process. You can build any kind of website through WordPress, be it an e-commerce platform, a social networking platform, a community forum, or even a blog site.

Pre-built WordPress themes give you the freedom to develop and design your website personally. You also get access to over 500 plugins, that offer you additional functionality and features.

What more?

WordPress also gives you the opportunity to develop multilingual websites with ease.

The only drawback we think WordPress has is that you will have to solely handle future management endeavors for your website along with paying a separate fee to host your website and make it live. Otherwise, WordPress is a great, open-source, and cheap platform for all kinds of users and business owners.

Constant Contact

Professional and easy to use, Constant Contact is an extremely well-established web development platform with almost zero restrictions for you. The benefits of Constant Contact are unlimited, offering you no bandwidth or storage limitations.

The platform is fully functional and free to use, which is not the case with any other platform mentioned in this article.

Constant Contact is backed by the best AI technology that directly syncs your social media pages and pulls in the images for your digital marketing and brand development.

Startup Bootstrap template builder is easy and simple to use and is fairly intuitive with modern themes and templates to customize your actual website.

Users are offered a free domain name for the initial year of usage without any forced advertisements on your finally developed website. Subsequently, you get to choose customized plans as per your needs.

With Constant Contact, you get to create fully functional, customized mobile-responsive websites that are beautiful and fully SEO optimized. The loading time is excellent, the uptime of the websites is flawless and overall the platform is a truly excellent choice.


Though not an excellent option for all, Squarespace is a great option for individuals who are on the lookout for websites that are based entirely on images and are low on content requirements, namely: freelance photographers, wedding planners, and fashion designers.

Squarespace houses over 200 design templates that look great and meet the necessities of almost everyone. There are both, creative as well as professional-looking options. This makes the websites developed on Squarespace appear fully customized. The intuitive Squarespace editor helps you customize everything in a few seconds.

The platform comes with no restrictions over bandwidth or storage and fares well with almost everyone on technical and speed levels.

The only drawback of the platform is that it is a little heavy on price tags, making it not suitable for people with a very low budget.


GoDaddy website generator, also known as the GoCentral website builder is a simple, flexible, and affordable option that can be used by multiple people and organizations. The platform will appeal to people looking forward to rather simpler and sleek websites.

The platform offers great support for e-commerce website development and upgrades, however, online store integrations do require some effort. A blogging tool is a great option for people wanting to expand through content marketing, however, they might come across certain troubles in seamlessly integrating the same into your website.

But, Godaddy, of all websites that allow open-source website development, is the only one that offers a month-full trial. This way, you are offered a great deal to actually test everything out and adapt to it for a month. If you don’t actually like it, you could go for a refund. This is great for people who are not looking forward to getting stuck with something that might end up posing a major threat to their budgets and efforts.

The uptime for GoDaddy is amazing, without 99% success. With a couple of small compromises, GoDaddy is actually a great platform for small businesses and individuals to begin their online presence journey.

How do you Choose the Best Website Builder?

Choosing one is of course not a great option right now, you are most probably too confused to think of a single viable option. However, to give you some clarity, the website builder you choose should allow you to build a website from scratch without having to write any single line of code by hand.

Though all options have their own set of pros and cons, the best option for your particular choices is out there! You can browse through their individual websites and home pages, read through their guidelines and features, look for what strikes most you, and determine the best option for yourself.

Have a specific goal in mind before making the final choice. This will help you choose the best platform!

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