How to Choose a Good Wedding Photographer


Do you know how to choose a good wedding photographer? In this article, we will tell you everything you should know. No matter what the purpose of your photo session is – for a wedding or celebration, to fill your portfolio as a model, to update the page on social networks, or just for a family photo album (as they say, “for memory”).

How to Choose a Good Wedding Photographer?

You should by no means conclude a contract with the first photographer you see! Before making the final choice, you need to work with the following information.


A portfolio is a business card of any photographer, here you will see the best works of the master. If during the process of studying the photos you have a feeling of lack of harmony in the pictures, you do not observe the unity of style, then it is better to look for another specialist. For example, you prefer bright, cheerful photos, but in the portfolio, you see mostly melancholic black-and-white shots. In this case, your collaboration is unlikely to bring the desired results.

More specifically, when examining a portfolio, you should pay attention to the following details:

How the people in the photo look. Here we’re talking about naturalness. If in every portrait you see faked emotions, strained smiles and tension literally fill the entire space of the picture, then, most likely, your result of the photo session will not be any better. A real professional should be able to ease the tension, loosen up, and let even the most inexperienced and uptight model be herself.

The quality of photos. All photographers subject their photos to processing. Some do just light and color correction, and some retouch. But there are also such “masters”, who actively engage in photomontage, and not very skillfully (trying to correct flaws in outfit, hair, and makeup, removing or adding background, correcting the figure or the oval of the face).

To get such photos, you don’t have to pay 20000 rubles for taking pictures – you can just click a dozen frames on your phone and pay $10 to a novice designer. And you don’t go to a photographer for a photo collage, but for quality images.


This criterion is not the main one when choosing a photographer, but you can’t ignore it completely either.

Experience allows you to quickly find an approach to different models, to find a special angle, and to notice the “zest” of the landscape.

Even at the stage of photography, an experienced photographer knows exactly what kind of result he will get.

A professional has all the necessary equipment. At the same time, a beginner can offer some fresh ideas and an unconventional point of view on ordinary things.

Comfort of communication

If you feel some discomfort in communicating with the photographer, then it will be difficult to work with him – you will not be able to relax, and you are unlikely to enjoy the shooting, which cannot fail to affect the result of the photoshoot.

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