How to Check Keyword Ranking in Google?


If you guys are wondering how to check keyword ranking in Google then you are in the right place as today we are going to help you out in knowing the details about how to do this accurately and also how it can help you in increasing your website position! We want you guys to know that keyword ranking is very important for you guys to focus on if you want to attract organic traffic to your website! It is a fact that you can deny that without posting properly ranked keywords there is no point in which the traffic or the search engine would be interested in your website content so make sure you are hooking up with the best-ranked words!

Now we would like you guys to know that there are many keyword rank-checking tools on the internet these days that can answer your query of how to check keyword ranking in Google, but you should know that not all of them are reliable and accurate in producing results and this is just because of the reason that they use weak algos and are designed with weak binaries that cant access the proper details so we will urge you guys to know about the top keyword position checker tool on the internet these days!

Google rank checker tool by search engine reports!

So, guys, the tool that we are going to talk about today belongs to the brilliant website, better known as SER in the world of website owners! You guys should know that search engine reports are a platform that can give you the solution for every problem related to the web and the content on the web! The Google keyword rank checker or keyword position checker tool is the best example of the amazing services by SER!

Now we want you guys to know about the details of the keyword position checker tool by in this section today so that you can know how to use and utilize this tool properly without any delay we would like you guys to read the steps that we have given below that will teach you about the use of the tool for sure!

1. First, you have to open up search engine reports on your browser, and you just need a proper internet connection and nothing else because this tool is compatible with almost every device related to modern technology! You can use this tool on your desktop, your tab, and as well as on your smartphone!

2. Click on this link to direct yourself to the tool

3. When you are in the tool, you just have to first read through the details of the interface which you will surely find easy to understand!

4. Now there are two methods of checking keyword position using this tool, and one is with the help of URL and the other with the help of keywords! Now the URL method is a one-step process, and you just have to enter the URL of the site that you want to check! The interesting method is the one by keywords that we have discussed below in detail!

5. In the keyword checking method, you should know that first of all, you have to specify the domain address in the domain bar in the top lines of the tool!

6. The next step is to select the search engine; in this case, you have to select the country of the Google search extension!

7. After this, you have to select the device for which you want the data as you should know that keyword positions differ on the basis of devices! You can choose either your mobile phone or your desktop system!

8. After this, you have to add around ten keywords in the text box given to you below the search engine selection bar!

9. With all of this, you have to have to add the domain address of your competition’s website! This helps the tool in understanding the keywords that are being used in this league and also about the preference of the traffic! With the help of this information, the tool can guide you better!

Now you should know that when the tool produces results, it will tell you about the scores for the keywords that you have entered, now we would like you guys to know that this score is actually the keyword position on the search engine! If the score is one, then it means that the keyword is ranked in the first position on Google or any other engine that you have selected! The better the ranking position would be, the more will be the chances of you getting better and extensive business plus traffic!

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