How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story


Instagram had more than 1.45 billion users globally in April 2022. If you’re looking to grow your brand and your sales numbers, this is a fact you can’t afford to ignore. One fantastic feature to help you reach your goals is to add a link to your Instagram stories. 

But do you know how to add a link to an Instagram story? If not, you could be missing out on opportunities and giving other Instagrammers an advantage as they try to grab the attention of your followers. 

Fortunately, Instagram has made this an easy process, and you can follow these simple steps to add a link to your Instagram story and increase engagement with your fans.

1. Create Your Content

The first step is to great your fantastic content, and this is the time to start thinking about how your link relates to your post. Ensure the content and link fit seamlessly together and make your post look terrific by adding filters. To learn more, read this article on Instagram story filters.

2. Find the Sticker Tool and Add a Link to an Instagram Story

Next, click on the sticker tool in your Instagram top navigation bar, select the ‘Link’ sticker, and add your link. Click ‘Done’.

3. Place and Customize Your Link Sticker

Place your sticker in your preferred location on your Instagram story, ensuring it stands out without taking all the attention away from your main content. You can also change the color of your sticker so it fits the style of your post. 

Why You Should Use Instagram Story Links

By adding a link to an Instagram story, you can take your followers on a journey that keeps them interested in your content. For example, one of the best Instagram story tips is to use your link to take your fans to a blog post. This could expand on the topic in your Instagram story, giving extra free content to your followers.

You could also use your link to take people to your online store, or to your personal website where they could browse your pages. You can then link back to your Instagram posts, creating a cycle of interesting and informative content that keeps people engaged. 

Using these methods can make Instagram story links a powerful addition to your social media marketing toolbox. 

Learning How to Add a Link to an Instagram Story Is Easy

When you know how to add a link to an Instagram story you can provide your followers with extra value and attract a host of new fans with a few quick clicks. Remember to place your link sticker in a prominent location that doesn’t distract from your story, and ensure your link makes sense in the context of your post.

You can then look forward to increasing your engagement rates with your Instagram followers. 

Before you rush off to add links to your Instagram stories, check out more of our great social media posts. 

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