How Much It Costs To Make An App Like Zomato


A restaurant is just the place where we can treat our taste buds perfectly. But there are so many restaurants, food joints, cafes, etc.

Choosing the right restaurant where we can pamper our taste buds is quite confusing.

Glimpses of online food can be seen all over social media. With the growing competition, people in the food business are trying to find new approaches to survive. It is quite challenging to not only grab a new customer but also retain an old customer. Hence, the need to stand out among our competitors to sustain itself in the market.

With the novel coronavirus shutting down the whole world and forcing people into the confines of their homes, going to a restaurant has become difficult. People like to order their favorite dishes from their homes and get an immediate delivery at their doorstep.

The digital world is starting to rule everywhere. So, the food industry also started making its presence online on a huge scale. The food delivery industry became a hotspot for start-ups and entrepreneurs who wanted to make it big in the online world. The introduction of mobile apps made the food industry more client-oriented.

On-demand food delivery apps like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber Eats, etc., provided much-needed choices for clients. It gave its customers the choice of booking any dish from various eateries from their nearby locations. Their favorite dishes were delivered to their doorstep with just a click on the screen, and that is why these apps are becoming popular among customers.

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How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Zomato?

The food industry is said to be a million-dollar business industry, and the best way to start is through a food delivery app development. A recent study says that revenue from online food delivery is expected to rise in the coming years, reaching a projected market volume of $14 billion. This steady growth of the food industry has encouraged entrepreneurs to jump on the bandwagon to build their empires. The success of apps like Zomato and Swiggy has made many of them develop their own apps.

The main parts that make up a Grab clone app are:

  • Administration side – They manage the entire app, including the users’ activities
  • Customer side – This consists of whatever a customer will see on the screen like restaurants, ordering food, paying, and leaving reviews when they log in to the app.
  • Restaurant side – This is where the restaurant owners will see when they log in to the app. The features include customer requests, and in some apps, the customer and owner share the majority of the features of the app.
  • Delivery side – This will handle the delivery of the ordered item and enable tracking of the orders from the customers.

Many factors decide the cost that goes into the making of an app like Zomato.
Some of them are:

  1. Size of the App – The number of features that will be included in your app determines the size of your app. The more features, the bigger the size of your app, and the more the cost to include these features. If you are on a start-up, start with minimum features, and you can add more features later.
  2. App Platform – The cost of developing a Zomato clone app varies on each platform – Android, IOS, or Windows. The IOS platform tops the list of being the most expensive at an average of about $28,000, seconded by Android at $ 23,000, and then Windows at $17,000.
  3. Design of the App – As it is a restaurant app, it requires it to be customer-friendly as well as engaging to grab food lovers’ attention repeatedly. This requires advanced technologies—the UI/UX of the app and the design play a major role. The cost of the design will vary in each case, depending on the requirement of the client as well as the animation and graphics involved.
  4. Functions of the App – Every industry has its unique features and functions. For a food app, order of food, delivery, customer reviews, and ratings all play a vital role. Here also, the cost varies depending on the requirement of the feature.
  5. Development of the App – The cost of hiring a developer varies based on their experience in a particular platform. The cost varies according to the region they are working in. For example, a US-based developer will cost around $117,000 per year, while in India, it is as low as $5,400 per year. You will have to pay additional costs for the purchase of the license as well.

Right from hiring a developer of a Grab clone app to provide support post the app launch, everything is dependent on the cost. Plan your budget and manage everything as per your finances.

How to Make Money Through a Food Delivery App

There are a few factors that play an important role in making money through a food delivery app like Zomato, Swiggy, etc. Some of them are:

Delivery charges – There are so many restaurants that do not have a delivery team of their own. Then such an app will act as a boon to it. The food delivery app will take care of the timely delivery for a fee.

These charges could be a percentage of the price of the order or a price based on the distance. Charges can be added if the delivery is during peak hours.

Commission – Depending on the size of the order, the apps can collaborate with the restaurants on a predefined commission.
The commission can vary depending on the level of the restaurant and its average revenue.

Advertising – This gives an awesome boost to any business.

Featuring the top of the search results by charging an extra fee will help to generate extra revenue.

Check on the restaurant’s feedback to ensure customer satisfaction.

Peak hours – This is a great monetizing technique to help generate extra revenue. Some food apps limit the menu items and locations during peak hours, and if they want it to be made available, they charge an extra fee. Although it has some advantages, it welcomes some demerits as well. This is because sometimes your customer may find lower prices from your competitor, and he would simply switch his order.

There are other factors as well but ensuring the best quality, and on-time delivery will always bring back old customers as well as generate new customers.


Do you want to own a food delivery app like Zomato? Besides developing an online Zomato clone app, you can also go for the Saas-based food delivery app option.

A SaaS-based online food ordering system can be the best choice if you are on a limited budget. You can kickstart your online food delivery business journey in just an hour with the ready-to-launch Zomato-like application.

Startups can benefit the most as the SAAS-based food delivery app like Zomato will cost them zero initial investment. They can launch their Zomato-like app in the market, gain millions of online users, and get reviews. The only cost they have to pay is the minimum monthly subscription fee.

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