How Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food?


It can be fast to look for ways to effectively get rid of bed bugs, but you might have skipped over the crucial part of that step – knowing how long can bed bugs live without food.

To know how to effectively deal with bed bugs and how long they can survive, you need to know several factors that affect their survival.

Let’s dig into these factors.

Depending on Duration

Bed bugs can live for several months without food, depending on the duration. For adult bed bugs, if they are not able to feed on blood or proteins for a certain period, they will enter into a period of semi-hibernation known as diapause.

During this period, bed bugs can survive months without feeding. Adult bed bugs can live up to four months without food under optimal conditions.

Depending on Life Stages

Adult bed bugs can survive for four to six months without eating, while young bed bugs, can survive up to five months without a blood meal. These survival times are especially long when the bug is in a cool, favorable environment.

Bed bugs are masters of concealment and are also very good at hiding in crevices and cracks, which can help them to survive even longer. Though starvation can weaken the bugs, they can still be active, so they can continue to hunt for food sources even in desperate times.

Depending on Temperature and Humidity

Warmer temperatures and higher humidity levels can provide a better environment for bed bugs to live and thrive. By increasing the temperature and humidity, bed bugs can remain active longer and thus be able to survive for a longer period without food.

However, when the temperature and humidity levels drop, bed bugs become less active and need food sooner as they do not have the optimal environment for survival. It is important to note that they don’t go into a deep sleep while not eating but rather remain active and look for food until they can find something.

Depending on Adaptation

Bed bugs have evolved to adapt to their environment. They can easily live up to several months without food. However, this time frame greatly varies depending on the particular adaptation of the bug.

The size of the bed bug can also determine its survivability over long periods without food, with larger bed bugs generally being able to survive for longer. As this varies with each bed bug’s individual adaptations, it is important to monitor the current situation to ensure their presence is eliminated as soon as possible.

This means that if you are dealing with bed bugs and have noticed your environment is conducive to their adaptability, then you need to read more here and see how pest control for bed bugs can help.

Find Out How Long Bed Bugs Live Without Food

So, how long can bed bugs live without food? They can survive long periods without food but cannot reproduce or lay eggs without it. Therefore, it is important to take action as soon as you discover a bed bug infestation.

Contact a pest control company to discuss extermination options and start eradicating the problem. Act now before they can cause more damage.

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