How Do I Choose Help Desk Software?


Help desk software can be defined as technology designed to execute and provide the customer with information and support regarding a company’s services and products. The help desk acts as a partner as you scale. When dealing with company incidents, the goal of the help desk is to aid in restoring normal service operations and reducing the adverse effects on business. The help desk solutions are created with varying functionality. They differ through escalation capabilities, prioritization, service level management, and categorization.

Categories of Help Desk Software

Web based help desk software: It is a type of help desk hosted on the vendor’s remote server. Ideally, it can handle numerous visitors and provide tech support. It is the most approachable and most straightforward option for customer support teams. To access this type of help desk, all you need is a web browser.

Enterprise help desk software: It integrates standard help desk features with fast resolution of customer queries. Additionally, the help desk addresses overall company efficiency.

On-premises help desk software: Typically, the company hosts and owns the system with complete control over the program. The company is solely responsible for on-premise help desk functioning and maintenance.

Open-source help desk software: this type of help desk is run by developers who don’t require permission and user licenses to access the source codes. It can be easily modified by the developer as needed.

Benefits of Help Desk Software

Provide organized customer support. Through queries and feedback from the help desk, company agents and managers can efficiently run the day-to-day operations.

Customer inquiry tracking: The customer service team can quickly provide transparency when resolving an issue and record how the customer service agent resolved an issue. As it is the injunction to keep customers happy, the company can hold representatives accountable for the timeliness of a query.

Ticket management: To attain maximum customer assistance, specific tickets can be routed and allocated to the agent who can better assist the customer.

Integration Support: Businesses can use help desk software in conjunction with other Information Technology infrastructure.

Reporting: This allows businesses to access metric information such as inquiries coming in, turnaround time, and resolution rate. Provides the overall on how the customer support team is performing.

Basics of Help Desk Software

  • Customer portal: Systematically handles customer issues and queries. Offer customizable, customer-facing interface from intake, managing, and organizing to response and resolution.
  • Social integration: Allow for multi-channel support. Customers and representatives communicate at ease through social networks. Such channels enhance approachability and fast answer response.
  • Chat or live support: Provide channels that are right for your customers. It allows customers to get a quick answer to their concerns. Straightforward clarification or escalation can be routed to service agents.
  • TemplatesThe help desk can feature auto-populated responses to minimize the time taken to respond to a ticket. A company can adjust the templates to reflect the brand of the company and the specific needs of a customer.
  • Self-service portal: This is usually beneficial for customers who don’t have time to wait for agent response. Self-service allows access to answers quickly in a designated knowledge base.
  • Service level agreement (SLA) management: Through SLA monitoring, agents and managers can define the expected outcome of a customer query. It helps keep track of overdue tickets.
  • Automation: The help desk allows for an automatic standard response to a query when first inquired. The automation mode helps streamline workflow.


Help-desk software such as acts as a one-stop point of contact that handles the company’s queries submitted externally via centralized information and support management. Ultimately, the help desk improves productivity for the customer service team as the customers receive timely responses.

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