Honor 8c Smartphone – Everything You Need to Know


Did you read the honor 8c smartphone review? In this article, we have added everything such as battery, price & specifications. Honor is a branch of the Flagship Global Brand Huawei. Honor has shown significant market penetration & intent to expand further recently. As a part of their aggressive market strategy, they have come up with the Honor 8C recently. It has followed the steps of its predecessor 7C with a 6-month gap. Gadget gurus have very high hopes for this product by looking at the product placement & specifications.

Honor 8c Smartphone – Pricing, Features & reviews


Considering the most competitive 10000 to 15000 INR segment, the company has strategically priced all the variants. The initial product range has two variants. 4 GB RAM with 32 GB storage capacity has been tagged with INR 11,999/-. The other higher variant having 4 GB RAM & 64 GB storage space is priced @ INR 12,999/-

The pricing has been quite realistic & a definite challenge for its competitors. Honor 8C will have to have a heavy fight with many established & strong brands, but we are sure users will have another good option on the shelf for their next purchase.

Features & Specifications

• Display

Honor 8C has a 6.26-inch HD LCD panel on the display. This panel supports 720×1520 pixels for a decent resolution & visual experience. This TFT IPS LCD panel has been given an aspect ratio of 19:9. As such colors & display dimensions have been quite reasonable on the screen. However, the maximum brightness level seems a little inadequate.

Also, text & images may look a little fuzzy on account of HD+ resolution. First-party apps will be smoothly working alongside the notch, and EMUI will support functioning over third-party apps as well for extended performance. The display of the images taken where the AI mode is off has been excellent. Using AI mode was making the image display a little unrealistic on the face of it.

• Look & Body

The body of Honor 8C is made with good-quality plastic. However, it will have to compete heavily with the glass & metal body variants being offered by competitors. We wonder why the company did not continue like the Honor 7C metal backplate giving a firmer feel.

The phone has a little taller sizing making it a little difficult to operate with one hand. The notched display has a little hint of the chin left over. The setting menu does help users to mask the notch by darkening the sides of the screen. The back side of the phone is glossy which may make many fingerprints visible.

One soft TPU has been given by the company to protect the body from any adverse effects. The phone set does not include a headphone which may be a drawback for many users. It though includes a charger & a USB cable for your consumption.

• Processing Power & Ability

Honor 8C is powered by Qualcomm’s 14nm Snapdragon 632 Soc, which is more comfortable to support high-level gaming. This processing platform is supported by 4 cores for power efficiency & high performance.

This device comes with 4000 mAh battery power which is quite sufficient. It runs on EMUI 8.2 atop Andriod 8.1 Oreo. This gadget can be connected using Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 4.2, GPS, GLONASS & a Micro USB Port.

It has been granted dual SIM slots which work on the 4G network. Despite the good look on paper with regards to performance, it’s a combination offer. Your daily stuff may be a smooth slide, but a little more push may end up patchy.

The face recognition & fingerprint scanner have been found quite quick in response. In case sufficient light is where the face recognition works almost instantaneously. For low-light surroundings, it will automatically increase the screen light to illuminate your face.

• Camera

Honor 8C has been equipped with a 13-megapixel rear camera for primary usage. This camera has an aperture of f/1.8. A 2-megapixel depth sensor has been placed with f/2.4 aperture at the front.

This phone has an 8-megapixel with a fixed focus front camera for a wonderful selfie. At the front & back cameras, a single LED flashlight has been provided. Here the iOS-inspired camera app is installed which has a full-featured Pro mode. This app will equip you with ISO, exposure, shutter speed as well and white balance.

This phone has the capacity to identify some objects as well as scenarios & can self-adjust image settings accordingly. Currently, it has been capacitated for 22 objects as well as 500 kinds of scenes. Here wide aperture mode will help you take images with a depth-of-field effect for an enhanced image quality which has been found above average.


• NDTV Gadgets360

They have granted 3.5 stars to this new entrant from the Honor family. A detailed review has put this model in a reasonably usable category.

• Indian Express Tech Reviews

Again the phone has been able to get a decent rating from the technical reviewers. They have been given 3.5 stars with detailed benefits & drawback research.

• Digit

Digit has been reasonably impressed with this model & termed it a good phone for a usual user. They have also found the batter aspect along with overall processing ability up to the mark.

• First Post

First Post has done a reasonable deep dive into the usability & performance details of this phone & their verdict is that it’s a good buy. Again it specifically mentioned excellent battery performance from this device.

• Gizbot

As expected, Gizbot has been quite critical in analyzing this product as well. However, through all the stress tests Honor 8C has come out gloriously & has been able to be termed as a good buy.  Its processing intellectualness & power have been above the mark as per Gizbot.

Though, Honor has entered the Indian market lately. Its marketing & strategies have evidently been aggressive. They have definitely proved that the offerings have been & would be quite competitive.

You can make use of your Amazon coupons to get this gadget at your doorstep. On average all the technical reviews have unanimously given an affirmative verdict. However, user-specific feedback may vary, but on average, it’s a decent choice in the 10K to the 15K bracket. If you want to see the remarkable 2 tablet review you can read this article too.

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