6 Reasons to Invest in a High Speed Portable Fan This Summer


The high speed portable fan has come a long way. The new-age portable fans don’t just provide superior air delivery, but they have also improved a lot in terms of their aesthetic appeal. And that’s not all; portable fans come with a new energy-efficient technology that allows more savings on your energy bills. In short, portable fans provide an excellent combination of performance, efficiency, and style.

High Speed Portable Fan

That said, in this post, we look at six reasons why you should invest in a high-speed portable fan.

1. They boost your AC’s cooling.

Though a high-speed portable fan can’t replace an AC, it can significantly boost its cooling capacity. It does so by helping circulate the cool breeze from your air conditioner to all parts of the room. And besides that, it also helps cool the room faster. We, therefore, recommend that if you don’t have a portable fan at your home, do invest in one as it’s a great way to boost your AC’s cooling.

2. They help save on your energy bills.

It’s time to stop worrying about the hefty electricity bills that you have been paying every month. Invest in a good and high-speed portable fan that consumes less energy (and helps you save on your energy bills) in comparison to a ceiling fan or an air conditioner.

Note – We don’t claim that portable fans can provide the same cooling as your air conditioner. But when used with an air conditioner, they can substantially reduce the use of your air conditioner by circulating the AC’s air and cooling the rooms faster,

3. They can be easily moved around in the home.

Portability is one of the most significant benefits of a highly portable fan. You can place them anywhere – even in the areas where you can’t possibly mount a ceiling fan. Place it on the balcony and enjoy the cool air while reading your favorite book; or use it in the kitchen, where cooking for hours in the heat is a task.

Quick Tip – Make sure you compare the weights of the portable fans before you buy one. The lighter the fan, the easier it is to move around.

4. They come with an oscillation feature.

The oscillation feature in a portable fan allows it to deliver equal volumes of air to all corners of any room. Oscillating fans, therefore, provide better cooling by allowing better airflow around the room. With motorized oscillation and a 180-degree rotation function, the fan oscillates back and forth, and the air is ventilated more efficiently.

5. They are budget-friendly.

A high-speed portable fan is a budget-friendly cooling option that you can bring home. There are many products available in the market – and you can choose from a wide variety of designs and types of portable fans. While the air-conditioners are highly expensive with high maintenance, the portable fans come at budget-friendly prices and provide long-lasting performance. Also, their maintenance cost is negligible.

6. They can spruce up your home décor.

Put on your creative cap and get ready to spruce up your home decor with a high-speed portable fan. You can use it as a quirky decor piece. If you want to buy one, check out the wide range of portable fans that Luminous has to offer. These fans come with a premium finish and they outshine the best of fans available in the market. Also, the fans are available in different colors and sizes. Choose from a wide array of shades that compliment your home décor and are a treat to your eyes.

All set to beat the heat?

If you have made up your mind to buy a portable fan, we recommend you take a look at Luminous’ collection of portable fans. The company offers a wide range of high-performance portable fans that come with superior aerodynamics and premium aesthetics.

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