A Small Business Owner’s Guide to SEO Content Ideas


One of the top four reasons that small businesses go under is poor marketing. Are you making the most of your marketing budget, or are you putting your business at risk?

SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the best ways to boost your marketing on a budget. It’s time to start coming up with some fresh content ideas so you can draw in new viewers (and hopefully customers) to your website!

We’re here with a few suggestions. Read on to learn some of our favorite SEO content ideas.

Answers to Common Questions

This is one of the most common types of SEO content business owners post to their blogs. They’ll look into common frequently-asked questions that people have about the industry and create a resource for them to look into.

This is so helpful because it makes the business owner look like an authority within their niche. People are more likely to trust someone who can answer their questions.

It’s also a great way to get more web traffic.

Consider how often you input queries into your search engine of choice. When you find a reliable-looking site, you click on it, get your information, and potentially take note of the website before leaving, even if you don’t need its products or services yet.

This boosts your SEO. When you clearly provide value to viewers with your SEO writing, your website moves up the ranks of Google and becomes more visible. 

You can use a company like The HOTH to develop great explanations and answers to industry-related questions. They’ll handle keyword research and craft helpful articles. 

DIY Guides

DIY guides (and related content) are great for websites regardless of their niche. People are always looking to learn new things.

How can you use DIY guides on your business’s website? 

Let’s say that your business is a grocery delivery service. It might seem difficult to find a way to “DIY” that, right? Try getting creative!

Make your DIY guides recipe guides. Come up with fun recipes that you think people will be searching for. Seasonal recipes and holiday recipes are great for attracting new viewers (and potential customers) to your site.

Maybe you’re marketing your apartment complex. Then what? 

Create content about DIY home decor and design! Talk about how people can keep their homes cozy during the winter or how to have vibrant patio gardens during the summer. 

Local Content

If you run a local business, local content is fantastic. It’s a great way to fill a content planning schedule.

Talk about local events (especially if your business is going to participate in them). You can talk about local things to do, landmarks, and more. 

While this might not seem directly relevant, it will help you place local keywords with ease which will generate more local traffic. 

Try These Fun and Easy Content Ideas

Coming up with good content ideas doesn’t have to be hard. Try creating local content, DIY guides, and answers to frequently asked questions. You’ll be sure to generate more traffic to your site!

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