The Complete Guide to Building a Law Firm Website: Everything to Know


The law firm industry is competitive, and you’re up against close to 450,000 other law firms in the United States that want to gain more clients. Marketing your skills will help you gain more clients and build a strong reputation, but you need to do more if you’re going to guarantee success for your firm.

Building a law firm website is essential if you want your law firm to rise to the top of the industry in your area. A professional website will build trust and provide quality information to your target audience.

The good news is that you’ve found the right guide to building a website that captures your audience’s attention and generates organic web traffic. Keep reading for some helpful tips today!

Invest in a Great Website Design

It’s crucial to build a website that is beautiful to look at and easy to use. Make sure you’re getting your money’s worth when you determine your web design budget, as your website design will impact load times and navigation. The goal is to make it easy for your target audience to find the information they’re seeking on your website.

You’ll lose clients if your target audience can’t find testimonials or information about your expertise on your site. It’s also important to note that search engines like Google reward websites with great designs. If you don’t have web design tools experience, it’s best to hire a web design expert to build your law firm’s website pages.

Create a Content Schedule

Having a content schedule makes a world of difference when you’re building a law firm website. Quality content will keep your target audience coming back for more. It’s also a great way to build trust by providing beneficial information to your potential clients.

The best law firm website pages have a blog page where content is posted regularly. Failure to find consistency with new content will result in a hit in the search engine rankings.

Creating quality content will increase your website’s rankings and increase organic traffic. Plan out your content and make it accessible with multiple devices. Take this step to keep your website looking up-to-date and professional.

Work With an SEO Specialist

Hiring an SEO specialist is a significant step to take if you’re growing your client base. Many people will search for medical industry lawyers as a result of medical malpractice and personal injuries. An SEO specialist will know the steps to take to bring in more traffic that’s looking for lawyers with your specialized skill set.

Your potential clients will have difficulty finding your lawyers if you have poor SEO. Your website will show up on the second or third page of the Google search rather than at the top of the list.

Learning the SEO basics on your own is a viable path to take. It’s best to hire an expert so you can focus on the other aspects of setting up and growing your law firm.

Optimize for Local Web Searches

Most of your clients will come from your local community. You need to remember to optimize your site for the local market when you’re building a law firm website. Local SEO plays a big role in guiding potential clients to your website to gain more information about your experience and services.

It’s crucial to list the names and contact information for each of your lawyers. Listing your address is also wise, as it creates a feeling of trust with your potential clients. People will feel skeptical of a law firm that doesn’t list an address.

Create a Mobile-Friendly Website

People are surfing the web on their smartphones and tablets rather than computers, so it makes sense to optimize your website for use on these devices. You will lose a number of potential clients if they can’t read your website with ease from their phone or tablet. Make sure that you can navigate and search the website without issues from phones, tablets, laptops, and more.

Take the screen size into account when you’re optimizing the site for use on mobile devices. The screen will look entirely different on an iPhone 13 Mini screen compared to a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Add Testimonials

Testimonials build instant credibility for your law firm, so you need to find a place on your law firm’s website pages to share these testimonials with potential clients. They can learn much from the experiences that other clients had working with your legal staff.

Look for the best reviews that past clients leave on Google, Yelp, and Facebook and post them on your website. You shouldn’t be afraid to talk up the accomplishments of your law firm. It’s a sure way to gain new clients who are looking for legal help from a reputable law firm.

Optimize Website Loading Speed

Website loading speed is an enormous dealbreaker for many people on the internet. People are in a hurry and on the go, and many don’t have time to waste waiting for a website’s content to load. You can create a number of professional aesthetics with your law firm’s website, but you need to make sure they don’t come at the expense of your loading speeds.

The slow loading speed will push your potential clients away from your law firm and into the warm embrace of your competitors. Test your website to ensure that it loads in a reasonable amount of time before making it live. The best web design tools will help you find the sweet spot for your design and loading times.

Now You’re Ready to Start Building a Law Firm Website

Building a law firm website is the first step you should take when starting a firm of your own and becoming a business owner. A great law firm website looks great and has rapid website loading speeds that make it easy to use. Add a blog page within your law firm website pages, and don’t be afraid to add positive testimonials to your website.

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