Guide to a Successful Mobile App Launch


Are you planning for a successful mobile app launch? We have made a guide to help you know everything you need to do before launching.

The final goal of putting efforts into mobile app development is to go ahead with the successful launch. Everyone using mobile apps has experienced crashes, and the crash rate is 1-2 percent which signifies how important it becomes for a business to learn about the precise mobile app launch strategy.

To attract people for more downloads, you must consider how to launch a mobile app guide. Here are the launch recommendations you need to follow for your mobile applications to succeed:

Successful Mobile App Launch Recommendations

1. Learning about the audience

Always pay attention to conducting market research while developing the launch strategy. Understanding the audience’s interests, demographics, as well as pain points is mandatory.

Market research helps create the app by targeting the specific need and ensures the delivery of the right message to the audience while attracting them more towards your product.

Users spend nearly 90 percent of mobile internet time in apps. When visitors are exploring your app, the first thing they will take into consideration is whether your app design and format are clean or not.

So always make sure about using the optimal elements with colors, and white background, and enable the product images perfectly before you hurry with the launch.

If you want to enhance the success of your next launch project, you can achieve that by utilizing the product launch template provided on Kensavage.

2. Defining the success criteria

Success criteria always ensure outlining the standards that could compare your app to assess if your app launch has been successful or not. According to success metrics, it works for showing the investors and the essential shareholders points on the app’s success.

You will always have to consider objectives and define how you’re monitoring them. Hence it can ensure obtaining the measures regarding the app’s success. You can take help from mobile app development companies to get more clear ideas.

For boosting conversions, ensure that you mention only the things that are true to your brand and not just any random piece of content. If you find the jargon in it, make sure that you eradicate it. Bring in small changes that can make sure about having a huge impact on the conversion rate.

3. Preparation of the launch activities

Once you go ahead with the completion of the market research and success criteria with a focus on the successful execution of the App launch, you will have to establish a marketing plan to ensure that every step you take can find perfect execution.

For that, consider promoting the content while also identifying the key influencers that are the essential part of a successful app launch.

4. Optimization for the highest valued clients

With app store optimization, you can consider the metrics for ranking high in the Google Play Store or App Store so that users can find your business in the form of the app when they are searching for it using the keywords.

Always make sure that it becomes easier for your app to grab the users’ attention with the utilization of the right terms and phrases. People love getting access to the app for purchasing and then sharing it with friends and family.

It’s a known reality that people are always looking for a quick fix, especially in hard times. In this regard, it’s worth considering that potential customers always find your app relevant online to find the quickest way of getting the services.

5. Providing incentives for getting the current users to share the app

The leading influences, as well as the other industry leaders, always ensure increasing downloads as well as subscriptions by promoting the app with the help of populated channels.

Remember that 66 percent of consumers modify their brand spending to maximize loyalty benefits. That said, you will always have to keep a note regarding identifying the key influencers in the field while offering special incentives that can make sure to encourage them to mention your App while motivating others to go ahead with downloads and purchases.

The marketing team always considers implementing a strategy that consists of reaching out through influences and leaders. For more expansion of the app, you can also consider a complete blog post about the app or include the call-to-action right at the end of the blog post.

It can make sure to invite the viewers to download the app. With writing the blog post, make sure to only write regarding the app.

6. Social media integration

The improved chances of popularity also increase with social media integrations. Considering social media sites, the epicenter of online launch activity can be a great success. You should consider the social media integration that will give a massive boost to your business.

It is significant to note that around 91% of all social media users access social channels via mobile devices. So it always becomes important to throw the mix where there are more people on social media. The mobile app launch strategy suggests that you consider the kit that comprises the app summary guide, screenshots regarding app usage, design, videos, founder bios, and pictures.

You can rest assured that building the entire profile in this way can give you quick attention from the visitors who will be acknowledging your brand. It can also boost the visibility of the app dramatically while getting to a large user base. The method of working is simple.

All you have to do is to build a new audience base by running the marketing campaign essentially. Management for making the app reach the segments with the help of the app developers is a great idea.

7. Testing prototypes with potential users

Testing the app for real use in advance is a vital part of the launch strategy. Sometimes things may seem easy to you but may not be clear to everyone. Always make sure they’re getting conceptual feedback from the target market to validate the app design and avoid expensive errors.

Always consider undergoing user testing to understand how potential your app is for leveraging the User experience. For that, consider the user-centered design insights for the delivery of the superior app.

You can always consider involving the interactive mockup that proves to be a powerful tool for gathering crucial feedback on the app.

Analyze the app by involving the potential customers which will give you a better idea regarding how the new app users will be navigating through the app. Also, take note of the sections that require improvement.

8. Implementation of the in-app analytics

The average failure rate for app testing for Android is 16.4 percent, which means that it isn’t wise to launch your newly created app without testing. You cannot go ahead with an app launch before measuring and monitoring the app.

Always analyze user behavior. For that, incorporate the app analysis. Always set the standard for defining the powerful analytic strategy and obtaining the relevant information that can ensure measurement of the performance and success. Also, comprehensive mobile analytics platforms are essential tools that can ensure your optimization of the user experience.

9. Setting the launch date

It becomes essential to consider the appropriate launch date for the app, set the date before the development of the perfect marketing plan, and set the developmental timelines.

Always keep track of the major mobile app launch announcements from the key players in the technological world. Based on that, you can customize your app to gain more recognition on behalf of the market.

Once you get an idea regarding the core features, you can develop the marketing plan with the help of the marketing team.

Only after that can you consider the steps to a mobile app launch that has three campaign phases, pre-launch, launch, and post-launch.

10. Key Takeaways

You’ve got the notion regarding the mobile app launch checklist. Launching the app sometimes feels like it is an easy task, however, it has its own complexities.

There are many mobile app development companies but choosing one of them wisely can be a difficult task. We can recommend Hitori for web and mobile app development.

The mobile app journey doesn’t end with just launching the app. Always make sure about promotions, evaluations, and improvements of the app with the involvement of the enhanced strategies before you decide to launch your app.

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