Is Corning Gorilla Glass Victus actually Scratchproof?


As we all can see now, all flagships and even some mid-range phones have Corning Gorilla Glass Victus for their screens and back covers, which is good because Corning claims this glass of theirs is not only durable enough to sustain about fifteen 2m drops and is also 4 times more scratchproof than your usual aluminosilicate glass. Let’s discuss more elaborately on this.

Corning is a trustworthy brand regarding the durability of phones and devices if dropped from a certain distance, especially after Corning Gorilla Glass 3. However, the concern of scratches is something Corning has not been able to solve completely, not even with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus. The claim made by Corning about Victus being 4 times more scratchproof is slightly grey because it is better than the previous generations of glasses released by the brand, but it won’t provide the scratch resistance you might be looking for. The general solution people look for in situations like such is to go for either tempered glass or a phone case. But, neither of these mobile protection gears is helpful for scratches and scuffs. Tempered glass is glass, so it will break at some point, no matter what, and phone cases only protect the back from shattering. There is nothing mentioned here so far that gives complete protection against scratches. So, to answer whether Corning Gorilla Glass is actually scratchproof or not, it is not.

However, all hope is never lost. You can switch to screen protectors, invisible full-body protectors, and even phone skins if you’re looking to add a fun element! And… you can get good quality phone skins, screen guards, and invisible full-body protectors in India. Our personal recommendation would be to go for Gadgetshieldz, India’s leading phone skins and screen guard brand. They offer 360° clear protection with their screen guards and invisible full-body device protectors. Manufactured using Nano-Polymer Technology, these are virtually invisible and are available in matte and glossy textures. Coming to the functionality, these are also self-healing, i.e., scratches disappear after a while without any effort. They also provide a plethora of options for mobile skins and wraps for the back panel and side frames. These phone wraps are made of 3M Vinyl materials which are top-notch quality materials, and the collection is multi-textured, ranging from rustic patterns like wood, Leather, Fabrix, and stone to quirky ones like Pixel, Metallic, Hive, Raptor, Camouflage, and Sandstone. You can even customize, mix, and match these textures according to your style.

Apart from the variety that Gadgetshieldz offers, every mobile skin, screen guard, and full-body protector is cut precisely per the device’s design. An alignment test is done thoroughly till the most accurate alignment is achieved. Moreover, these products are very grippy!

Lastly, as this article is concerned with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus, Gadgetshieldz is offering products for devices with this glass, like, OnePlus 10 Pro skins, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra skins, iPhone 13 Series skins, and more.

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