10 ways you can style gold jewellery on western outfits


The fashion game is something most of us want to win at. Luckily, everyone can have a different sense of style and liking and they can feel free to explore their uniqueness and creativity. This game has flexible rules, you can wear what you like and move about with confidence! Since most women wear Western outfits almost every day, here are some styling hacks that you can choose to use!

Your style is reflected in the jewellery designs that you opt to wear. Here are some styling tips that you can use for different Western outfits by pairing them with the latest gold jewellery options:

1. Formal office wear – You want to be classy and chic when you go to your office and not want to be bogged down by larger ornaments. What better way to do so than with simple gold stud earrings that can attract onlookers from afar?

2. Party dress – Party wear of any colour can be completely mesmerizing if you wear a dainty gold chain along with it. You can take it up a notch by also pairing a couple of necklaces of varying lengths to give the outfit an edge

3. Skirt and top – Look for feminine best with rose gold rings as you dress up casually in skirts and a cut top for your daily outings.

4. Regular t-shirts – Feel like amping up your daily clothes? Add a bracelet to the mix. Choose between flexible clasps or cuff bracelets. Another great option here could be charm bracelets as they can keep the look casual but trendy.

5. Summer dress – A quirky summer dress will look best with a couple of rings on your fingers. Stack up with different gold ring designs on a few fingers and add the extra oomph to the attire.

6. Jumpsuit – As stunning as a jumpsuit looks alone, you can go all out as you choose different necklaces to wear with it. Depending on the neckline of the jumpsuit, you can opt for different chain lengths and lockets as you rule the fashion game

7. Gowns – Western gowns are the new thing for cocktail parties. A set of matching gold jewellery pieces is what you can go for. Imagine arriving at the venue with a broad cuff bracelet on one hand, gold earrings that will enhance the bling, and a couple of gemstone rings to seal the deal!

8. Party tops – Be as creative as you want with party tops, no one can stop you. You can choose to keep it light or you can make your jewellery speak for itself – the options are all available. Bask in the compliments as you choose pieces that your heart desires and mix and match them with other tops as well.

9. Jeans and a tank top – The perfect summer look deserves the perfect summer ornaments. Although, you would not want it to be over the top. Go for a tiny and dainty gold locket with this choice of attire. Even if you add a casual shirt on the tank top, the locket will look universally great

10. Loungewear – When you feel like winding down and relaxing, choose a simple nose pin to steal the show. No one said you cannot add a little bit of glamour as you sit down and lounge about!

Styling gold jewellery has no limits – you do not have to feel bound by any! Explore all the options and make your jewellery boxes as varied as possible. Switch your pairings and enjoy the designs at your disposal.

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