Tips on How to Get your Website Featured on German Websites


Backlinks are links to your website on other websites. Different websites linking to your website help you rank higher in search engines and increase the amount of traffic that comes to your site. This is a way of getting a free promotion for your website. To attain backlinks, you must make your site visible to other sites. You can let your site get featured on German websites too. This can be done by submitting to article directories and link directories, posting your articles on relevant forums, and commenting on blog posts in related niches. You can also get backlinks from sites that want to exchange links with you for free.

Tips on how to get your website featured on German websites

1. Use good English

The German language is quite challenging, and some German websites will not have a version of the site in English. Your articles must be written in clear, understandable English. They should be grammatically correct and use proper spelling as well. If your articles are written in poor English, they may affect the chance of being featured on German websites.

2. Know your niche

The niche of your website is significant. This determines the type of websites that you would be able to get featured on. Your articles must be related to the niche so it can help you get featured on many websites similar to this one. It would help if you had a high level of expertise in your niche.

3. Use keywords in your articles

You should use quality keywords when writing articles for search engines and blogging sites. Your site must be listed for keywords relevant to the article you write and show up as search results when people Google for similar subjects and keywords that relate to your article topics.

4. Focus on keywords

While writing your articles, you must make sure that you focus on keywords. They should be included in the article in your headings and sub-headings so it will be easier for search engines to find the relevant keywords. This is an excellent way to promote your website, as people searching for similar keywords will also find you when they type them into Google.

5. Get other websites to link to your site

It would help if you got other websites to link to your site. The more links pointing back to a page, the higher it will rank in search engines, and the more traffic that comes through that page. This is how backlinks help you increase traffic on your website and make money from it.

6. Have social media profiles

A solid social media presence is an excellent way to promote your brand and website. You should have profiles on all popular social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Tumblr. This will help you increase traffic on your site and get featured on more websites. Make sure that you share quality content regularly to keep followers interested in what you have to say.

7. Make submissions to article directories

It is a good idea to make submissions to as many article directories as possible when you are looking for new ways of getting exposure for your website online. Article directories are a great place for search engines to find high-quality articles that people will want to read.


Google ranks websites in many factors to determine which website is most optimized for search results. The most important of these is the number of backlinks your site has. Backlinks help you rank high so that if someone searches for a particular keyword, they will look at your site first. This can improve website traffic and help you make money from it.

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