How to get Portugal’s SMS Number Online?


Traditional mobile communication has brought individuals closer to each other. What if it is possible to make this connection even more qualitative and accessible, bypassing obstacles, limits, and borders? This is exactly what the Hottelecom service offers to its customers all over the world.

You can be anywhere, but use a Portuguese number to receive or send text messages. You can also choose a service package that includes all possible communication formats. Hottelecom service is based on virtual telephony. VoIP has been used for a long time in businesses, and now anyone can try it out. The simplest things, such as a temporary one-time SMS number, are free. Learn more and try, how this technology works:

When might you need a Portuguese SMS number?

We rarely send text messages to each other (apart from instant messengers), but there are many reasons why we need to send or receive text messages:

  • Email registration;
  • Verification of the page in social networks;
  • An attempt to maintain anonymity and confidentiality when generating a questionnaire on a dating site;
  • Registration on streaming services where you need to confirm localization to access certain content.

In the corporate environment, SMS exchange also remains relevant: companies can send notifications to clients or employees. If employees work remotely, using a single company number will keep unity and ease of communication.

How to order a virtual number, and what are the advantages?

It is not required to go to Portugal to become the owner of a mobile number. You can use a Portuguese number anywhere in the world. So, here is a guide on how to get a virtual mobile number:

  1. Create a Hottelecom account.
  2. Select the country and type of service (among the available options: fax, SMS, calls, etc.).
  3. A list of various available numbers will appear in front of you: find the one you like among them. You can also order a number with a unique combination of numbers if you need it for business, for example.
  4. Pay the tariff, or use the free option to send or receive SMS.

This way of communication allows you to protect your private data, remain anonymous, and protect yourself from notifications and advertising messages. Allow yourself more freedom in communication, and save on mobile communication services, thanks to Hottelecom!

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