Both Generation X Generation Y Powering The Board Game Boom

Generation X Generation Y Board Game


During the era of the entire nineteen-hundred-seventy, among Technic Lego and Lego Space, Evel Knievel action figures and Action Men, two new species of entertainment stirred.

The video–game Pong, arrived in the arcade gaming industry in this era. The player-friendly digital bat and the ball game were amazingly compulsive and irresistible. In a short period, it became a runaway, mainstream success as the pioneering home console game. As a result, it procreated classics including Space Invaders, and Asteroids, to name a few.

That was the start of the video game revolution. In nearly the same period Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson launched Dungeons & Dragons. This unique take on a Tolkienesque universe, that centered around players working as a team to fabricate their individual heroic stories, had a firm grip on people’s imagination and has not let go since.

The Tabletop Gaming Industry is on the Ascent!

More than forty years later these two pillars of geekdom are still standing tall. Video games rule the entertainment industry making more than double the income of the film industry. Adventure and RPG games, although not in the same league, in any case, have not only made due in this digitally possessed culture, but positively flourished, and enjoy a higher fan following now than at any time in the past.

Truth be told the whole tabletop gaming industry, including board, card, and dice games, has witnessed a resurgence as of late, which has amazed many; and, complemented by a large number of celebrities “emerging” as secret tabletop gamers, stirred mainstream enthusiasm for this generally specialty leisure activity.

The board game has Arrived in a Big Way?

A board game project gives a similar kind of social interaction that the Generation Xers hunger for from their console huddles of olden days, alongside giving them the sort of gaming flights-of-fancy that they may have from RPGs; however bundled in packages that (with a couple of noteworthy special cases) can be played in an evening over a bottle or three of wine; and aren’t such tense activities as RPGs for the individuals who have become accustomed to gaming alone before a screen.

Millennials are Getting Increasingly Attracted to Board Gaming!

Also called Generation Y, Millennials grew up completely immersed in the digital age. Life before the internet/smartphones was unexciting. There wasn’t any 8-bit game loading from cassette tapes (although I swear I can decipher audible binary) or dot-matrix printers. Millennials came along in a world where personal technology was mingled with life. I can no more think of what that is truly like than Millennials can of a world, where a smartphone is the size of a house brick

Thus, you may likewise figure the same generation would be equally not able to luxuriate in, the basic joys of analog entertainment, however, you couldn’t be more wrong. Millennials are swamping new board game project cafes and meetup groups, and are commonly the most candid on forums and social media.

This has prompted some to advocate that it is Millennials alone that are driving our current Golden Period of Board Gaming, although that opinion is normally expressed by Millennials themselves, who as a group display nearly sixteen percent more self-centeredness than senior adults. So, this shouldn’t come as too much of an astonishment! Listen, any reasonable person would agree as well, that they’re normally naysayed by Generation Xers, who are a hundred percent more likely to drum into how great the days of yore were and; how Millennials have it so easy. And, they’d be right for sure.

Anyhow, statistically the twenty-thirty age demographic is the most pervasive in the online board game project community easily, regardless of whether it’s the Generation Xers that most probably have huge sums of disposable income to spend on the hobby; and those in all likelihood to be designing the game we play. Picture your cherished board game designers and you’ll likely be envisioning beards with grey, in them.

Whatever the whole story, Millennials are without a doubt forsaking video gaming for the tabletop, however, for slightly different reasons than Generation X. There’s clearly a common craving for increased face time away from social media and online games and a mutual wistfulness. Although, Millennials perhaps are fond memories of board games with the family as children, instead of Generation X longing to revive the “good old days” of social gaming.


To cut the long story short, the fact of the matter is, that there are both generations powering the board game boom, people who come from not the same technological and gaming backgrounds; nonetheless, both share a common wish to move from online gaming with its’ faceless friends and foes and great, yet intangible content, to a world where friends congregate up close and personal, and battle and participate and game over material modules. To conclude, both generations (X and Y) are powering the board game industry boom, and the gaming world is alive and kicking.

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