20 Funky Fonts to Create Ultimate Eyes- Catchy Designs

Funky Fonts to Make Your Designs Expressive


There are hardly any of us who don’t want our website to look catchy and attract the readers’ attention. Funky fonts help us to do so. It catches the readers’ attention and sends them to go through your article/ website or any other written matter. It’s a human tendency to go behind attractive things. These fonts actually give a new life to your content by providing them the power to catch attention.

Why Should We Use Free Funky Fonts

There are many fonts that are already in use since traditional times. But they will not be as productive as before because the audience always looks for new things and ideas. They have the following advantages:

  • They make your content equivalent to speaking.
  • They make your work more stylish.
  • They better express your personality

Therefore, we would suggest that funky fonts are the greatest and most useful way to attract readers and express ourselves.

Some Really Cool Funky Font to Check

1. Areaman

It is designed in such a way that it represents screaming. It is a funky font with all caps and in bold letters. You can use this to highlight some specific words or sentence which needs the readers’ attention. This font has glyphs of about 300.

2. Flashback

It was represented by Dropout, Rough Diamond, and Thorny all-caps headline fonts. As the name suggests, it will directly take you back in time and give you a retro taste.

3. Radka

This font is considered to be an elegant and tidy font. It comes in 4 styles: italic, medium, regular, and bold. These are the most commonly used styles in our lives. Unfortunately, it has a drawback in that it can only be applied to English characters and does not support foreign languages.

4. Tickled Pink

Now, the same talks about the pink color, which is usually associated with only girls, which makes this font a girly font. It contains over 120 hand-drawn characters. This font also provides numbers in bubbly circles, which gives you a 3-D look.

5. Funkydori

This beautiful font contains around 950 characters. It contains its author’s nod with posters of Unicorns and rainbow. It also comes equipped with 13 discretionary ligatures, 213 alternates, and 38 ornaments.

6. Fluffy

This font is a cute and cottony font as light as air. It provides us with both uppercase and lowercase characters, symbols, and numbers.

7. The Ice Cream

This is the yummiest funky font free to use whenever you might come across it. It will add a unique, fresh, and fresh taste to your font.

8. Cabeza Crossa

Due to its uniqueness, it can grab the attention of your readers. It is fully filled with hints of mid-century modernism. There is no chance for this design to go unnoticed.

9. I Need Coffee

It is a small font that is in uppercase and includes numbers and a few punctuations. It is a good font for social media marketing and blogging.

10. Loopo

It is an interesting font that was created as an experiment with rotating forms. It contains various languages and gives a fluid look to the characters.

11. Bank

This is an all-caps lock display in a modernized way. Also, it displays the font in two styles: regular and bold. It has geometric shapes and a Photoshop format.

12. Kitten

This free funky font has three styles: regular, slant, and swash. It covers around 40 languages that use Latin alphabets.

13. Groovy

It is also a retro-style font. It has a chameleon-like appearance, which makes it trendy and fun-looking.

14. Skitch

It is a hand-drawn font with fill options and a regular and solid look. It includes 11 fonts in the OTF format.

15. Eveleth

It is a large family font of over 16 funky fonts. It represents three different sub-families, each having its own uniqueness.

16. Hello Sunshine

It is a bright funky font. It is also hand-drawn, and its look is very expressive.

17. Melany Lane

This funky free font is full of curls and quirks. It is a flourishing font that easily makes our design different.

18. Cinque Donne

This means five women. It includes double-letter language that gives a natural look to our work.

19. Celari Titling

It fills our design with a strong impression which has dimensions. It consists of simple curves, sturdy shapes, and easy lines that attract the attention of readers.

20. Walls

It is one of the funkiest fonts created using the technique of tip pen. It manages to mix eco-friendly style with contemporary.


Use these funky letter fonts that will make your content catchy. But keep in mind to use the font at required places by keeping a balance of what you want to express and the font chosen.

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