Free Forex Signals – How to Use, Pros and Cons


Free forex signals give you free signals for foreign exchange market trading. Sometimes they are called “FSA” (Free Signal Alerts). I use this service myself to trade forex on autopilot so I can focus on other things. By far, it is the best free Forex signals service you will find.

Signals are delivered by e-mail. To register you have to supply a valid e-mail address.

You can unsubscribe from their service at any time with just one click, so no risks to your e-mail account.

Best 7 Forex Signal Providers in Telegram

  1. FX
  2. Free Signals Pro
  4. ApexBull
  5. Sure Shot Forex
  7. Free Forex Signals- FX LifeStyle

Pros and Cons – free forex signals

Pros: Highly rated and profitable. You can access their free trades or use them on your own managed trading account with a live broker through the Telegram app. No scam here – quite the opposite! Just quality trade alerts.

Cons: I don’t see any cons of this service. It is the best of its kind so far.

The service has been around since August 2018 and keeps growing and improving every day. They post “daily forex signals” on their website that can be used as a great source of extra income for anyone involved in foreign exchange trading. It is very simple: you do not need any special skills to use these free alerts – just follow the instructions on their website.

How to Use Forex Signals on Telegram?

1. Download the Telegram App – it’s free and available on Google Play or App Store. You can also use it as a web app from any device connected to the internet.

2. Create an Account – Please use your cellphone number to register. You will receive the confirmation code via SMS or you can authorize it using an alternative e-mail, Facebook, or Viber account.

3. Join the signal provider’s channel – After you have joined the channel, follow their signals or ask a question whenever you’re unsure how to proceed.

4. turn on the notifications – You will get an alert on your phone when a new signal comes in.

Final Note –

This is a free signal service, so you have nothing to lose except time. Plus you’ll get a chance to follow the best traders in the world and make some extra cash. And if you subscribe to their Telegram channel for a small fee, you’ll receive more signals and they will post live trades with a profit/loss ratio.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it out now – they only have free signals available at this time.

Here’s the link again – Free Forex Signals Telegram Channel.

I wish you all the best!

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