For Truly Scalable IT, Consider the Cloud


For the majority of companies, IT networks have become a central part of their operations. From data storage to client communications, IT is the backbone of modern business and powers the majority of the working day.

Regardless of whether your business is in services or manufacturing, a scalable IT network should be a priority – to mitigate against employee downtime and streamline your operations.

When it comes to establishing an IT network, there are three choices – go it alone, hire in a third party to set up your local network, or, as an increasing number of companies are doing, use cloud-based, managed services.

The DIY, go-it-alone Approach

As many companies discover, setting up and maintaining an IT network can be both expensive and time-consuming. Not only do you have to buy the equipment – but you also need to have the skills to install it and get it up and running.

Although hardware prices are continually falling, network storage solutions (cabling, drives, coolers, etc.) still don’t come cheap. Also, if you don’t have the knowledge to set them up right, you likely won’t be able to take complete advantage of the benefits the technologies offer.

Another factor to consider is network security. We live in a time where cybercrime is increasing at an alarming rate. Conservatives estimates indicate online crime and hacking will account for around $6 trillion of losses by 2021.

Should your company network suffer a data-breach or get hacked, you stand the risk of comprising not only your data – you may also unwittingly share the data of your clients and suppliers too.

Without knowledge and experience, trying to run an IT network on your own simply isn’t worth it. Your company data is far too important to consider taking chances of running it on your own without specialist help. The problem is, employing a full-time IT expert simply isn’t feasible for many smaller organizations.

Outsource your IT to recognized local experts

IT is a whole industry in itself – and for a good reason. The damages to companies through the failure of their IT networks can be colossal – not just in a financial sense but through potential loss of reputation or, as noted above, security breaches and the danger of possibly sharing associates’ data.

The only way to be 100% sure your network is robust and secure is to bring in qualified experts to install, test, and maintain your local storage and connections.

However, as you would expect, these companies know the worth of their work and professional IT networking services can end up expensive – particularly when factoring in the cost of the equipment required to set up an internal network.

Nonetheless, seeking professional help from a recognized specialist will give you complete peace of mind that your network is safe and scalable, should the need arise to upgrade or expand.

Use Cloud-based, managed network services

Cloud-based networking is a fairly new concept that has arisen thanks mainly to the vastly quicker connection speeds we enjoy today.

Cloud-based networks connect your in-house computers via the internet to remote storage and processing power. They are in many ways similar to local networks – just usually operating over a far wider area, with the server technology held remotely instead of locally.

With managed services, like those offered by 24×7 IT Solutions, your network is handled and maintained entirely remotely – removing the need for you to invest in costly hardware while also offering complete peace of mind regarding security and uptime.

Remotely-managed networks also come with options for scalable growth. The services typically use hardware that smaller companies would struggle to justify having in-house, meaning managed networks can immediately increase storage space or upgrade to faster processing power, should you need it.

If you’re looking for truly scalable IT at a fraction of the cost of traditional networks – with security and unlimited storage built-in – really, there’s no better choice than going with a remote, Cloud-based network service.


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