Five Common Mobile App Development Mistakes


Do you know about mobile app development mistakes? In this article, we are going to share the most common mistakes with you. Give it a read, if you are a business owner or an app developer.

The digital landscape of mobile apps is changing rapidly, and as a result, mobile app development trends come and go out of practice frequently. Without a proper understanding of the trends, tools, and technologies required to develop mobile apps, you can make mistakes that can have significant consequences on the success of your mobile app.

Mobile app development mistakes are common, especially for beginners with no prior experience in launching new mobile apps. But don’t worry, we have conducted thorough research on the mobile app development landscape to compile a guide for you. In this article, we will discuss the five most common mistakes that mobile app owners make frequently.

If you are a beginner looking to launch a successful new mobile app, these are some things you should avoid to save yourself from any costly consequences.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Mistakes – Common

1. Lack of Proper Research

Research and planning are indispensable if you want your mobile app to be successful. Do you have an amazing app idea? That’s great! But it is not all that matters. Before you start creating the app it is important to thoroughly research your app idea to understand the target market’s needs and requirements and other competitor apps in the market.

A successful mobile app is always unique, functional, and innovative. With proper research, you should identify gaps in the market in terms of what is already being offered by existing apps and what user needs are not being addressed. When you aim to build a mobile app that addresses the market gap you have a unique selling point that sets you apart from the competition.

Other than researching your idea, it is also crucially important to research the latest development trends, technologies, and platforms. Find out the technologies your competitor apps are based on and evaluate your options accordingly.

Research is the first phase of the process of developing mobile apps and it is helpful if you consult an experienced mobile app development company at this stage. You can leverage their experience and development expertise to make informed decisions about your app development strategy.

2. Short-term Financial Planning

Financial planning and budgeting are important for every venture. Not planning the finances before starting the mobile app development process is one of the most common mistakes made by mobile app owners. Small businesses, especially new startups, often only focus on securing finances to kick off the development but with time they blow through the budget within the initial stages of app development. This leaves them with limited funds to cover the rest of the app development process.

Mobile app development services are costly and it is important to plan ahead. As an app owner, you should request quotes from different mobile app development companies at the time of financial planning. The cost of development can vary depending on a number of factors such as your requirements, technologies, and location. For instance, a mobile app development company in the UK would quote you a different price than a company in India. This is generally because app developers in the UK are highly experienced and therefore expensive. Similarly, your set of requirements also affects your development budget. If your app requires features such as real-time updates and geolocation, then these can be expensive to implement, and having them in your app would drive up the cost of development. Your requirement for the platform also influences the development cost. For example, iOS app development is less expensive than Android app development because the iOS platform has fewer devices than Android.

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At the time of budgeting, it is important to take all these factors into account and select a mobile app development company after discussing your requirements and long-term objectives with them.

Similar to the development expenses, you should properly budget for other aspects such as the marketing and branding of your app. It is also important to allocate some money to cover any unexpected expenses.

3. Unsatisfactory UI/UX Design

The look and feel of the mobile app greatly impact its performance and success in the market. Your app can have unique and useful features but without an aesthetically impressive and user-friendly design, your mobile app might never achieve its true potential. User Experience (UX) studies show that 94% of first impressions are design-related and 90% of the users are likely to abandon using an app if the user interface and experience are subpar. As a result, billions of investments are lost by businesses due to poor UI/UX design.

Oftentimes, mobile app owners do not give enough thought to the basic UI/UX design of their app. They focus on other elements of app development and get carried away by their innovative app idea only to realize the importance of design later when they start losing users. This mistake results in them spending more money to fix their UI/UX design later.

4. Inexperienced Development Team

The success of your mobile depends heavily on the skills and expertise of your development team. Therefore, a major reason mobile apps fail is that app owners hire freelance mobile app developers to develop the app. Freelance app developers are comparatively less expensive but often, they are under-skilled and lack experience.
The lack of skills of the development team behind an app always reflects the app’s overall quality and performance. This is why many mobile apps have bugs, errors, and poor technical infrastructure that harms the reputation of the app in the market.

It is advised to always trust skilled and certified mobile app developers with your project. App developers in the UK are highly experienced and proficient with the latest mobile app development technologies. You can hire a mobile app development company in London for your project and have the peace of mind that they will develop a high-quality app for you.

5. Insufficient Testing

One of the biggest mistakes made by mobile app owners is to rush the launch of the app without adequate testing. If the app is not tested thoroughly, errors and bugs in the code of the app can go undetected. These bugs can ruin the experience of the app for the users and adversely affect the competitiveness and success of your app in the marketplace.
A good mobile app development services provider will never allow the app to be released without testing it thoroughly for even the smallest faults. You can discuss the testing and quality assurance strategy with your development team and define your requirements beforehand.

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