How to Find the Owner of a Facebook Business Page?


Do you know how to find the owner of a Facebook business page? I recommend you to follow these three simple steps and get your answers. There is as much dump on the internet as the amount of useful information. But the rub is how will you separate the two. This is the conundrum that might confront you while using Facebook.

There are a number of articles, pages, and accounts on the social media platform, the genuineness of which is often in doubt.

The best way to get rid of any skepticism in your head is by tracing the owner of a Facebook page.

How to find the owner of a Facebook business page?

Here are some things to keep in mind.

When do you feel the need to find a Facebook page owner?

The pages on Facebook are solely dedicated to a business entity but these pages are obviously created by people who already hold the owner of a Facebook account.

Looking for the owner of a Facebook business page provides clues that justify the credibility of the business profile.

Once you track down the owner you’ll be able to dissect the truth and draw at least a silhouette of the bigger picture.

Do the posts and reviews, the Facebook business page provides in line with the reality of things, or is it just a page meant to bluff people into buying shady products?

In case you’re applying for a job through a Facebook business page, it is rather fitting that you’ll be investigating all sorts of details and claims of the business account.

If you’ve ordered a product online through the references of the Facebook business page but have been served with a malfunctioning or faulty item, tracking the owner of the Facebook page will serve you some good.

If you have been at the end of unfair business dealings or if you’re a victim of a botched contract affair then, once again, figuring out the genesis of the website i.e. the owner of the page will help you get justice. If not justice, then at least compensation.

Suppose you’ve tracked down the Page owner on Facebook and he’s trying to curve you. In that scenario, you can drag the Facebook business page addresses directly to a professional trading company and they’ll monitor the page for any sort of scam or illegitimate dealings.

How to trace the owner of a Facebook page?

To find out who runs a Facebook page, I recommend you follow these three simple steps:

1) Go to the “About” section of the Facebook page. Page Owners on Facebook have the option of linking their personal Facebook profiles. They often list their names on this tab when they create a business page.

2) If you can’t locate the owner or related profile on the ‘About’ tab then the only solution you can resort to is to try sending the business profile a private message highlighting your queries and concerns.

If you are someone scouring the business account for some basic information, and the business happens to be legitimate, they are expected to answer promptly. They’re likely to help you in navigating their Facebook business page.

However, if the page isn’t used very often, or the owner wants to remain incognito, then your request is likely to be ignored. Such a concerning reaction or rather ‘no reaction’ is bound to raise concerns.

The attitude and nature of the response will reveal everything to you about the authenticity of the pages and the intentions of their owner.

3) If the business page remains unresponsive to your message, it’s time to trace the admin of the Facebook page. Navigate Facebook and venture into the deeper networks looking for pages, links, and social media profiles related to the Facebook business page.

It can be links, other social media accounts like Twitter or Instagram, and even a business profile created over LinkedIn. Once you get your hands on such profiles, the subterfuge of the ‘page owner on Facebook’ won’t last long.

But if you fail to find the owner of the Facebook page, you’ll still be left with plenty of ready-made alternatives to tackle the situation.

Footnote –

If all the alternatives fail and you still cannot see who manages the Facebook page then the only option is to take help from a Specialist Trace Firm. In some cases, you can even team up with a private investigator with prior experience in such sort of cases.

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