Best Features Of Modern Wireless Keyboards


After prolonged usage of Wired keyboards for decades, the wireless era has begun and the connection is made via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to a computer’s major input devices such as keyboard and mouse. Wireless keyboards are easy to maintain and improves the pleasant working experience.

Anyhow, wireless keyboards and mouse have some restrictions and it can no longer support the older OS versions and specific configurations are required in a computer system.

Before purchasing the wireless keyboard, buyers need to clarify among themselves regarding the following technical and needed aspects.

  • Traditional or modern or unique design keyboard models?
  • No. of working hours keyboard to be used.
  • Keyboard usage during the night time or day time?
  • Hard touch or soft touch?
  • Mouse usage frequency while typing?
  • A touchpad in the keyboard or mouse?
  • A foldable keyboard or lengthy one or small-sized keyboard?
  • Ergonomics in keyboard needed?

Apart from these, there is a special keyboard made for visually challenged or vision blurred person with soft keyboard buttons, Apple wireless keyboards enable a user to type with a gentle touch. Also, they are compact in size and works on AA-size batteries that normally have about 3 years life span and it is further extendable by AA-size batteries with its auto turn off the feature.

For students and employers working at night, this type is well suited for typing as light glows at the bottom for better vision. Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard built with slim design can be used up to a 30 feet distance range without wire.

Apart from these, iClever keyboard is foldable to almost any size and this feature attracts the students as its compact size can fit in vehicles and like the previous model, it can be connected to 3 Bluetooth devices.

HP K3500 has 5 links with which 5 devices can be connected at a time. In the same way, 3 Bluetooth devices can be connected at a time using the iClever keyboard.
A curved keyboard design with perfect ergonomics is identified in the Logitech Wireless wave that is very much apt for convenient and comfortable typing.

Eagle Tec combo keyboards are waterproof and accident-free thus preventing any damage due to water or free-fall and this highlighting feature founds to be the best one for students.

Logitech K400 can control desktop and computer-enabled TV sets at a long distance.


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