Activate SMS by Fake Phone Number for Verification


Nowadays, it’s understandable that fake phone numbers are becoming more and more welcomed all over the world. Fake phone numbers provide their users with flexible communication options and less trouble on a layer of privacy, which is a heat focus point professionals are worried about mostly. Most of them are worried about the leakage of personal information. A fake phone number for verification is one of the useful ways to protect your privacy. If they don’t want to leave their own phone numbers everywhere can visit our website SMS-Man to get a fake phone number easily and activate for SMS verification to any possible service.

How to activate SMS by fake phone number for verification

I will offer you a simple guide on how to use our service for SMS verification, don’t worry, it contains only 3 steps.

  1. Create an account in SMS-Man
  2. Top up your balance and buy any service you like
  3. Press “Send SMS code ” in your app, then back to our website click “Get SMS”, then enter the code to your application to pass SMS verification.

And that’s all. You’ve successfully Activated SMS for verification with a fake phone number.

Free numbers test channel of SMS-Man

Some of our users might doubt that our service really works. We totally understand, after all, wise people always think twice before purchasing.

You can join our official free numbers test channel to find anything you are interested in. We offer 1 free number of any country every 4 hours. You can use this free number to receive SMS online and pass SMS verification. After using this number in your beloved application and pressing “Send SMS code”, then back to our free numbers channel, your SMS verification code is lying in the comment area. However, we’d like to inform you that all SMS verification codes are visible to everyone in the channel. We can’t guarantee that other people do not intend to destroy your new account which was created by the free number online SMS receiving and pass SMS verification from our channel.

Advantages of activating SMS by fake phone numbers from SMS-Man

The cheapest and most affordable way to generate a fake phone number for registration is to purchase a virtual number. In SMS-Man, there are many services that offer SMS activation services on different websites. If you don’t even find the service you want in the list. Well, then it means this service is really popular so that everyone wants it. If we unluckily run out the storage. There is still a way to fake phone numbers for verification— Rent a number!

You can rent a phone number for up to 1 week from the rental tab on the SMS-Man website. What is the difference between using a rental phone number and an ordinary virtual phone number to activate registration services? The answer is that an ordinary virtual phone number can only be used once to pick up the code, and once it has registered the software for you, the number will disappear without secondary use or resale. You can use the rental number to register EVERYTHING, such as Facebook, Telegram, Google, etc. You can also use the rental number to register services for many times before it expires. Again, there is no need to worry about someone other than you getting the number, and we will not resell the number after your rental period is over, just to create the safest experience for our dear users!

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