The Crowded Stage: 6 Factors That Hold Back Artists’ Discovery


There has never been a better time for aspiring artists to get their music out into the world, thanks to the abundance of resources available to them. However, breaking through and becoming a well-known performer is still challenging. There are as many performers in the music business as there are on a packed stage. However, as mentioned in CyberGhost’s blog post, there are multiple hacks new musicians should apply to get a breakthrough in their careers, such as prioritizing original and short content and tapping into new markets. Let’s look at the current obstacles that make it hard for artists to break through in today’s market.

1. Intense competition

SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube provide musicians a place to upload their tracks. Still, the immense volume of content accessible makes it difficult for anyone’s track to stand out. Thousands of songs are published daily, making it difficult to stand out.

2. Algorithms

Despite the vast audience they may reach, the playlists and recommended songs on music streaming sites are generally the results of complicated algorithms. New and upcoming artists may need help to break through the algorithmic hurdles and attract new fans since these algorithms consider aspects like listening history and user behavior.

3. The Confusion of Monetization

The internet may have increased artists’ exposure, but making money from it is still challenging. Many musicians are finding it tougher to keep composing music because of the widespread use of free streaming and piracy. Finding the sweet spot between risk and profitability is a never-ending battle.

4. The Social Media Maze

The development of social media has facilitated more direct communication between musicians and their audiences. However, keeping up with the ever-shifting algorithms and constantly communicating with followers can be exhausting, preventing artists from focusing on the creative process.

5. Similarities

Artists face a dichotomy in their pursuit of individuality. They feel they must both follow current trends and break away from them. Consequently, a lot of music out there sounds a little similar, making it hard for new artists to make their mark.

6. Opinion Leaders in Business

Even if there are fewer obstacles nowadays, thanks to the internet, there are still gatekeepers in the music business. Labels, managers, and essential decision-makers still play a significant role in determining an artist’s future success. Independent and up-and-coming artists may find it difficult to break through these barriers.

Overcoming the Hurdles

Although there are numerous challenges that an artist must overcome before they are discovered, here are some of them:

  • Staying loyal to one’s style as an artist increases one’s chances of being taken seriously by fans.
  • A musician’s following can expand by creating meaningful relationships and pursuing collaborative opportunities within the industry.
  • Instead of churning out too much content, put your energy towards making great music that truly speaks to your audience.
  • The music video is just as significant as the song itself. Get people interested in your music by pairing it with fascinating visuals.
  • Artists can take charge of their careers with the help of the DIY (Do It Yourself) trend. Studying marketing, distribution, and promotion can significantly enhance an artist’s career.
  • Targeting a specific subset of people who already like your style might be more effective than trying to appeal to a broader audience.


Even though there are a lot of performers on stage, each one gets a chance to shine. It takes a unique combination of ingenuity, persistence, and strategic thinking to break through the noise of oversaturation, algorithms, monetization issues, social media demands, similarities, and industry gatekeepers. Every song published, every connection created, and every follower acquired brings artists closer to the prominence they deserve in a world where discovery is a journey.

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