5 Reasons to Choose Timber Cladding for your Home Exterior


Exterior Cladding Timber is an outer layer designed to protect your home from adverse weather conditions like rainstorms and wind. It not only provides an extra layer of insulation but also enhances the aesthetics of your exterior façade. While many architects and designers advise homeowners to clad their home exterior, many people are still unaware of the right reasons for cladding.

It is vital to wrap up your exterior walls with the right kind of layer. If you’re researching popular types of cladding, you would have seen that timber cladding has made a resurgence in recent years. This dramatic increase in popularity can be attributed to its exceptional characteristics.

There are multiple types of cladding available in the market, like aluminum, concrete cement, bricks, and more. People love to mix and match these options according to their choices and preferences. However, amongst all types of cladding, timber is the most popular choice for clients and architects.

Timber is natural, and sustainable, and endures a timeless appeal. If properly installed and correctly graded, it can turn your castle into an eye-catching architectural marvel.

If you’re yet not sold on the idea of cladding your exterior with timber, check out these five reasons that would help you make up your mind.

Timber is appealing!

Natural wood is warm and welcoming. It can add more flair to any residential home or commercial building. Many striking and incredibly stunning architectures in the world, like The Knarvik Community Church in Norway, are constructed with mottled pine heartwood, which comes from the center of a branch or trunk and is known for its durability.
If positioned carefully and treated appropriately, Exterior Cladding Timber can last for a generation. Effortlessly blending with the natural landscape of your exterior, timber will add an organic embellishment to your home.

It is versatile.

Timber is versatile and can withstand harsh weather conditions like strong winds and storms. Almost all exterior façade styles and color combinations can go with timber cladding. Use it most creatively and innovatively to enhance the aesthetics of your house. With excellent insulation properties, timber cladding will work as a stunning element and a protecting layer at the same time.

Timber is environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Wood’s ability to store carbon and reduce the amount of CO2 emission is an environmentally friendly credential. Timber is fire-resistant and durable and can deliver impressive thermal and acoustic performance. It is the most sustainable building material because timber is a fully renewable resource. Being environmentally friendly is one of the reasons for its growing popularity.


Timber is extremely durable and long-lasting if maintained regularly. Natural wood can age with time and potentially look different every year, but that is the beauty of all-natural products. Timber cladding is durable, but you need to know that certain weather conditions can affect it over time. For instance, south-west facing walls weather relatively fast due to sun exposure, whereas north-facing walls tend to weather slowly. Since it is comparatively easy to install and completely renewable, you can replace it with time without much effort or cost.


Timber cladding is more like an investment than a cost. A beautiful and well-maintained house has more resale value than a poorly maintained one. With timber cladding, your home will not only look gorgeous from the outside but also be well-protected and energy-efficient! Something all potential home buyers will look for in a property.

While there are notable benefits of using timber for cladding, many houses have special cladding requirements that need professional attention. To make an informed choice, talk about your options with your architect, builder, or designer.