Evolution of iOS Technology: Dawn to Dusk

iOS Technology Overview


Just as the computers would be of no use without their operating systems, similarly would the phones. In the year 2007, Apple came into the market and turned around the tables, with its extravagant concept of smartphones, which were packed with the latest technologies and ideas. It is the only company that came up with the very first operating system for mobile phones. The iOS technology came into existence eight years ago, with the birth of smartphones by Apple. It introduced features like iMessage, Siri, iCloud, FaceTime, Apple Pay, and so many other items.

Technology is responsible for shaping the functionality of the iPhone and other iOS devices such as iPad, iPod, iMac, etc. In today’s segment, we will be exploring the journey of iOS technology, and moving further, we will be discussing the iOS technology overview, just in case to understand things in an easier way.

About iOS Technology

It is a mobile operating system, introduced by Apple Inc. It works on all Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac, and others. This operating system also has features of shipping with many system apps such as Mail, Phone, and Safari, which provide standard system services to the users. There is a kit, namely the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK), which contains the tools and interfaces that are needed to develop, install, run, and examine all the native apps that appear on the home screen of any iOS device.

These native apps are purely built by using the iOS systems framework and Objective-C- C language. They run directly on iOS. The native apps are installed physically on the device, unlike the web apps. Therefore, these native apps keep working even if the phone is kept on Airplane mode. The architecture of the iOS system is layered in form. At the uppermost level, it works as an intermediary between the underlying hardware and the apps you make. The apps can never communicate with the underlying hardware directly. So, they need an interface to communicate with the hardware. This system of well-defined connection of interfaces makes it simple to write apps that constantly work on devices that have various hardware abilities.

The Apple operating system has emerged to be the best, multi-talented, and advanced operating system. Not only technically but also visually. It has been defined as continuous iteration. Apple made it a point, that rather than pulling up the features endlessly, it would work more effectively and methodically, though it has mostly been slow. Every subsequent release is completely based upon the predecessor and refining the entirety of the user experience. Surely, we can debate what’s the point of visual advancements when still, the grid system of rounded icons has not gone anywhere. But, if we look in-depth, it has been common in all the Apple operating systems since the beginning, from iOS 1.

iOS Technology Overview

The technology provides a set framework, which defines the particular sets of functionalities from gaming and media to security and data management of the device, which you can easily integrate with your apps. Over the past eight years, beginning from the time when Apple introduced the first iOS system, iOS has evolved and transformed tremendously. The Apple mobile operating system that we today, is the one which has not changed only in terms of technology but also, it seems like the operating system has changed the way it feels and looks. This operating system is used in a plethora of Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, etc.

This technology can be viewed as a multi-layered concept. Now let’s have a look at the two most unique strata and layers offered by Apple present in the IOS Technologies.

The first and primary layer is the Lower Layer. It contains all the fundamental services and technologies.

The second layer is the Higher-level layer, which is built upon the lower layers. It provides more advanced and sophisticated services and technologies.

Some Final Words

Keeping in mind today’s standards and concepts, the earlier versions of iOS seem practically old and ancient. Earlier, there was no support for third-party applications. In fact, features like multitasking and cutting, copying, and pasting, which we consider common today, did not even exist in earlier versions. Not only this, IOS is more famous for its world-class security and excellent password protection facilities, which help protect the data of the users without providing full access to unauthorized websites or hackers.

Thus, IOS has revolutionized the world of digital media by offering versatile functioning to its users., And, this article will provide an overall complete guide about the IOS technology and its benefits to the ultimate users present in different parts of the world.

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