Everything you need to know about TSS Visa


The TSS visa is a short-term visa that allows the holders to live in Australia and work full-time for sponsoring employers in a selected profession, which is listed on the Short-Skilled or Medium Long-Term Skilled List.

Listed below or some vital requirements of a TSS visa :

  • Having a job opportunity
  • 2 years of experience in the last five years (work experience must be relevant to the desired position)
  • Being nominated for a skilled position by an approved sponsor
  • Meeting the applicable educational requirements and English skills
  • Meeting health and character requirements

Age-related criteria

When it comes to a TSS visa, there is no age limit; it is meant for permanent residency. If you have gained a visa in MLTSSO occupation and want to apply for permanent residence after working with the same sponsors for three or more three years, your age needs to be less than 45 at the time of submitting your permanent residency application; unless you are meeting the exemptions.

482 visa streams

There are three streams, which apply to TSS visa 482 visa:

1. The Short-term stream

Applicants having an occupation on the short-term skilled occupations list can be eligible for visas for up to two years, renewable onshore once, for the further two years, and exceptionally renewable for an additional two-year period if it can be applied from offshore. You must meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirement.

2. The Medium & long-term stream and regional stream

People applying for the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) or the Regional Occupation List (ROL) are allowed to apply for a maximum of four years with eligibility for permanent residency. After three years, it would depend on meeting the age requirements, health requirements, fluency in English, and character requirements.

3. The Labour Agreement Stream

As a TSS visa enables the skilled workers nominated by their employers to live and work in Australia, it requires the labor agreement stream if the applicant is currently working.

What you and your family are allowed to do while on a 482 visa?

If you are carrying the visa as a primary applicant, you can travel to and from Australia within the validity of your visa. In such cases, you will be allowed to work only for the approved employers who have chosen you in your desired profession.
While carrying this visa, your family members, mentioned by you in your application, are also allowed to travel to and from Australia within the valid duration of the visa.

Processing standards for the visa

Procession standards may vary depending on the departmental workload, and these are updated monthly.

Who should pay for the costs?

The employer pays all costs related to the business sponsorship and business nomination, including any consultancy fees for agents dealing with migration. Passing these costs onto an applicant is considered a violation of the job.

The fees for the visa application itself can be paid either by the visa applicant or the employer. It will be based on what is negotiated between the employer and the applicant.

Obligations of 482 visa holders

Persons holding 482 visas must maintain health insurance at the right level where they are in Australia. Reciprocal health arrangements may not always be enough. Also, the primary visa holder engages in approved work. It implies that:

  • Only work in a particular occupation for which the applicant’s visa was approved. To work in a different profession, the applicant must apply for that desired profession and gain a new TSS visa.
  • Only serve the employer who nominated the designation the applicant is currently working in (limited exception applied)
  • Not ceasing employment for a specific period that surpasses 60 consecutive days
  • Holding any license, registration, and membership is subject
  • Compliance with each condition or requirement which are subject to any license, registration, and membership.

You should ensure that you have a new 482 nomination lodged and approved before working with a new company.

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