Everything About VoIP Numbers: The Fundamentals Plus A Quick Buying Guide


Telecommunications have advanced so much and in such unexpected ways. Although landlines brought through copper wires have been around for more than a century, their popularity waned in just a matter of 20 years.

The development and improvement of technologies for internet communications paved the way for providers like Telnum to provide local DID phone number services for everyone. Granted, it took some time for people to start embracing this tech. But today, it’s a multi-billion dollar industry that has helped many small businesses thrive.

The cost advantage is definitely one of the main attractions, especially for enterprises working on a limited budget. But anyone who’s ever had to actually use a VoIP system knows that there’s so much more to it.

At the core of VoIP is the VoIP number or the virtual number. It allows you to access the benefits associated with VoIP. Do you want to learn more about this tech? Keep reading. We will also include a short buying guide to help determine whether you’re going to benefit from this tech.

VoIP Numbers 101: What is it, Really?

In many ways, the virtual number is the internet version of your regular number. But instead of being provided by traditional phone companies, you order it directly from a VoIP provider.

Another difference is what you can do with it. Deskphones as technology are very limited. Therefore, the limits of your regular number are bound by that of the technology where it’s used. So essentially, a VoIP number is the upgraded version.

What Advantages Does a VoIP Number Have?

We’re not just saying it’s an upgrade for the sake of it. Check out these advantages of preferring a VoIP number over your regular number:

No contracts

Contracts are a way to keep you tied to a service you may not even need a few months down the road. With a VoIP number, there’s absolutely no contract involved. You pay for the access every month so when you don’t want to use it anymore, you can just stop paying.

Access to premium features

Can you imagine getting a voicemail and having it automatically transcribed and sent via email? That’s just one of the many features that you can get! And the best thing about VoIP is there’s virtually no limit. The existing list of features will keep on growing to respond to the needs of the clientele.

Choice of area code

You would be able to get a number from practically any area you want. For example, you don’t have to physically be in the United States to get a US number. This advantage allows you to get rid of costly international call costs.

Types of Virtual Numbers

There’s more than just one kind of VoIP number. Here are the most popular ones:

Toll-free numbers

If you want to be more accessible to your customers by removing the cost of calling for them, you’ll need a toll-free number.

Vanity numbers

A popular choice for making your number more memorable, a vanity number allows you to get a more “aesthetically pleasing” number to better help reflect your brand. A flower shop, for example, can have the number 1-800-flowers.

Temporary numbers

If you just need something for one-time use, this is your best bet. This will allow you to verify an account without using your actual number.

Questions to Ask to See if a Virtual Number is Right For You

There sure is a lot that you can get from a virtual number. But are you in a position to maximize the benefits from it? Ask yourself these questions to see:

How fast is my internet connection?

This is the most basic question because VoIP relies on your internet connection to work. Therefore, if there’s no way for you to get a strong and stable internet connection, you probably are better off sticking with landlines for now.

Do I want to enjoy premium features for less?

For example, instead of getting a caller attendant, you can instead use an auto attendant function. This would allow you to enjoy the prestige of having an attendant without paying for that salary.

Am I willing to reassess my internet needs to ensure quality?

The only true way to maximize benefits is by ensuring that the call quality is comparable with that of a landline. If you can guarantee that, your customers won’t know the difference.

Final Words

VoIP numbers are incredibly powerful tools that offer everything that a regular number gets you and so much more. And because it’s highly affordable, you can test it out for yourself without breaking the bank.

The best time to switch was a few years ago, and the second next best time is now. Get your VoIP number for just a few dollars a month to experience all its benefits.

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