Everything You Need to Know About Fullerton Markets


Fullerton Markets International Limited, formerly established in New Zealand in the year 2015, is an award-winning offshore forex brokerage offering a suite of trading services. The firm headed by Singapore-based CEO, Mario Singh, is a straight-through processing (STP) broker and operates from Kingston, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

It has formed relationships with some of the major banking establishments around the globe which in turn allowed their customers to access the world’s foremost financial markets and enjoy top-tier liquidity and an indomitable trading experience.

Customers are offered an assured safety of funds, rapid order execution, professional and prompt customer assistance, negative balance protection, and efficient trading conditions. It has amassed liquidity for the top banks and ECNs (Electronic Communication Networks) of the planet like Citibank, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Hotspot, JP Morgan, and Barclays.

Due to its excellent service, it has won several accolades since 2017 and has acquired some very prominent sponsorship deals, which very recently included the New Zealand Hurricanes rugby team.

Features of Fullerton Markets –

a. Fullerton markets allows new users to use a demo account. The demo account is stuffed with the same framework as the Live account. Thus it allows the user to practice trading without any risk involved.

b. Muslim clients are also offered Swap-free accounts. This means Muslim clients have access to a swap-free option without them being charged during rollover interests.

c. Various types of bonuses, promotions, and Competitions are offered to new First-time clients. These can be spotted on the official website.

d. Metatrader4 is the only trading platform offered by Fullerton Markets. Users can use it to trade forex and simultaneously other resources like Stock indices and Cryptocurrencies.

e. Fullerton claims to protect all the funds of their clients under their Fullerton Shield, which is entitled to a triple-fund safety protection plan.

Assets of Fullerton Markets

1. Forex

Foreign exchange (commonly known as FX or forex) is a global exchange market for national currencies They are the world’s biggest and most fluid resource showcases because of the worldwide reach of exchange, business, and finance and are parted into spot (money) and subsidiaries markets, with advances, prospects, choices, and cash trades accessible.

2. Metals

This entails trading gold, silver, and other precious metals as contract-based traded hard commodities.

3. Indices

Equity or stock indices can reflect a specific set of a country’s major corporations, or a certain stock market.

4. Crude Oil

Only USA Crude Oil is offered. The minimum lot size on Fullerton Markets is 1 lot, which is equivalent to 100 units of WTI/USD and the maximum is 250 lots, which is equivalent to 25,000 units of WTI/USD.

Fullerton Markets: Types of Accounts

1. Demo Account

The demo account at Fullerton Markets is designed to resemble a live trading account with the same available functions, tools, and options. Here the traders utilize virtual funds to perform their trading on the demo account, which is risk-free. As a result, traders are unable to withdraw any winnings earned on the demo account.

2. Live account

The available deposit currencies for a live trading account are EUR, USD, and SGD. In the live account functionalities offered are: Max leverage of 1: 500, starting at 0.1 pip, Minimum trade size of 0.01 per lot, and 24*5 customer support.

Is the Fullerton market a scam or not?

Fullerton Markets provides a wide range of trading assets and options and has established a reputation as one of the greatest online brokerage firms in the globe. To conclude, we found no evidence of a scam or fraud involving this internet broker. We can safely infer that investing with this company is safe.

Final Words:-

The Fullerton Markets team is passionate about what they do and is on the lookout for fresh ways to push themselves to achieve growth through innovation. They are dedicated to enhancing their clients’ lives by providing them with excellent possibilities to grow in the fast-paced world of Internet trading.

Their trademark is excellence. They made certain that their potential traders would have access to the world’s best financial markets, as well as a smooth trading experience on their web platform.

They pledge to provide rigorous security precautions through Fullerton Shield, which provides clients with triple-level protection for their cash. Finally, they are proud of their long-term viability, and their goal is to ensure that each customer achieves trading market success.

They are currently Asia’s quickest-growing online brokerage firm. However, customers from Iran, Cuba, Sudan, Syria, and North Korea, are not yet recognized as Fullerton Markets clients.

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