Emergency Dentist Fort Lauderdale


Emergency Dentist Fort Lauderdale provided for sudden acute illnesses, conditions, exacerbations of chronic diseases that pose a threat to the patient’s life;

Emergency – medical care provided for sudden acute illnesses, conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases with no obvious signs of life-threatening for the patient.

Service options

– Dental cavity opening with medication;
– Vital extirpation, removal of decay from the root canal with temporary or permanent root canal filling;
– Application of devitalizing paste, removal of devitalizing paste;
– Applying a temporary filling, dressing;
– Unsealing the root canal of the tooth;
– Removal of the filling, trepanation of the crown;
– Opening of periodontal abscess;
– Removal of a permanent tooth (simple);
– Removal of a permanent tooth (complex) with the use of a drilling machine and/or with separation of the mucosal-periosteal flap;
– Opening of the soft tissue abscess in the mouth;
– Opening of a subperiosteal abscess (irrigation, drainage, drainage revision);
– Treatment of alveolitis with curettage of the cavity;
– Dissection, excision of the hood;
– Primary surgical treatment of wounds;
– Suturing, removal of sutures;
– Mechanical and medical stopping bleeding;
– Applicative anesthesia;
– Anesthesia of the maxillofacial region infiltration;
– Conductive anesthesia of the maxillofacial region;
– Correction of dislocation of the temporomandibular joint;
– Treatment of acute forms of stomatitis;
– X-ray of the teeth, jawbones, and TMJ;
– Removal of temporary teeth;
– Amputation of the crown pulp;
– Tooth replantation;
– Medication treatment for over-implants and implant removal as indicated;
– Correction of the removable orthodontic appliance (correction of fixed appliance) in case of trauma soft tissues of the oral cavity;
– Correction of traumatic tissue of removable denture, the sharp edge of the tooth, filling;
– Removal of supragingival dental plaque, traumatic tissue;
– Repair of traumatic tissue of removable denture;
– Removal of orthopedic structure in case of urgent dental treatment, traumatic injury of oral tissues by elements of a prosthesis;
– Medication and non-medication treatment of patients with facial pain (exacerbation of neuritis and neuralgia, syndrome of painful TMJ dysfunction, atypical facial pain, etc.);
– Splinting of teeth according to indications (in case of dental trauma);
– Fixation of a fixed prosthesis in case of a failure of its fixation;
– Emergency boring of salivary gland ducts;
– Treatment of ulcers/erosions;
– Prescribing and withdrawal of medications.