How to Effectively Sell Digital Products with WooCommerce


It is safe to say that you are offering digital products as PDF eBooks, games,  audio files or stock photography in your e-business store? Every one of the sites which offer these digital goods will be changing. On the off chance that you have not actualized the distinction, then your site may experience the bad effects of awful or more awful deals. Here you will understand what to execute and what not to.

Have you heard about Woo Commerce? This is a splendid platform which helps you to attract more clients and make more sales by offering them a great shopping experience.

Remember to check ‘Downloadable option’:

In the websites which sell physical products, there will be free shipping and other tabs. But it is when we sell digital products all that is required is to download it. So always remember to check in downloadable option. You have to do this every time you add a new product to the website and this setting changes the product type to digital one where people can download.

Be Careful with Schema of every Product:

People love to buy when they know a digital product based on its rating, price and as well as availability. All these can be shown in the Google search results itself. Yes, this is possible when you can select the schema of a product properly. The schema is technically defined as structured data markup.

Selecting this schema is also easy when you work with WooCommerce. You just have to check in the appropriate type based on how you want to display the details of your product in the search results. You can either sell music or applications or software and as well as any sort of standard products.

Include Screenshots and video samples with Matters:

If you want to display the product especially digital ones, then you have to take an appropriate screenshot of the software and as well the video or audio clip in case you are selling the music files. People can even add some files or make use of watermarking images etc.

Advantages with Copy Writing:

Ensure that proper words are used while describing the digital product. With this one can attract the customers and ensure them that this product is very useful for them. In a word when compelling content is included, then sales will automatically increase in less time with some creative call to action.

Change your Download Settings:

Depending on the type of the product say for example video games or eBooks or stock photography, the options will change. However, you can easily review all these settings by making use of the WooCommerce.

Sell either Digital or Physical Goods:

It is when you make use of the WooCommerce then there is a scope to make changes to the digital versions of the products. However, people do this by using different SKUs. But this is not required as and one can either enable or disable the settings based on the product.

It is when we use the WooCommerce, then there are better chances to optimize the website in a better manner. One can make more profits even while they are selling the digital and as well as the physical products.


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