E-commerce Apps that’ll Revolutionize your Business


Do you know the best eCommerce apps for small business & large business? Smartphones, tablets, and laptops have become game changers in the e-commerce industry. The strategies of large and small companies have rapidly transported into mobile commerce. The uprising trend of smartphones joined with the mobile business is proving to be a blessing for both business tycoons and leading app developers.

The fusion is not only accelerating revenue generation but also enhancing user engagements and constraints.

With the rising trend of mobile e-commerce, 70% of consumers luxuriously do shopping via their smartphones.

Best eCommerce apps for small business that have become Favourites Most Among their Users

Millions of apps are being uploaded to the Google Play Store on a daily basis, but very few have succeeded in making an impression because of their niche functions. let’s see the best eCommerce apps for small business.

1. Amazon

As an eminent online marketplace worldwide, it widely provides an excellent shopping experience to its users. Being a beneficial and faster app, it provides you with an amazing opportunity to browse and filter a wide range of products on various distinctive features with just a couple of clicks.

It facilitates its users by providing multiple gateways for chill checkouts and imparting up-to-minute updates about your order status.

2. Shopify Mobile

Shopify is a widely renowned app for providing its customers with business on one platform whether it be online, in-store, or even through social media. You can synchronize your orders, products, and customers across your sales channels.

3. eBay

eBay mobile app is famous with its customers from across the world for giving them an opportunity to bid whenever they want. The browsing features of this app are simply designed to enhance both the buying and the selling experience.

eBay has extraordinary features such as scanning for price comparisons, auto-complete searches, guest checkouts, and the linkage of PayPal accounts with eBay accounts for expeditious transactions.

4. Google Analytics

When businesses and consumers buy and sell goods and services through electronic media, they are doing e-commerce business automatically.

The major feature of this app is to help you figure out which parts of your website and marketing strategy are having much traffic.

Google Analytics facilitates you to track your pay-per-click campaigns as well as sign-ups from different platforms and search engines.

5. WooCommerce Mobile App

WooCommerce is a great choice for a business community, and it helps businesses and their users launch their own online stores. WooCommerce is a free shopping cart plugin that offers priced license upgrades, extensions, and updates.

The benefits include:

  • Powered by WordPress
  • Open source codebase
  • Intuitive and powerful interfaces
  • Extension library

6. Wayfair

The American commerce company offers 10 million items, such as home furnishings, décor, home renovation, housewares, and much more like motorcycle gear kits including big motorcycle helmets, etc. The app is widely considered one of the largest destinations for home goods. Wayfair is improving its features continually by developing innovative technology in its mobile app that attracts people to shop for their homes by using this app.

7. H&M

H&M is one of the world’s well-known and leading fashion companies that deal in high fashion at affordable prices in a comfortable way. Its beautiful and fantastic features include:

a) Visual search:

This feature helps you find and browse items by using an image, such as if you need cheap motorcycle jackets, the app will show you different styles of jackets in images.

b) Scan and Find:

It can conveniently offer you a wide collection and stock availability for the customer between the physical and online store. If you fail to find your size in the store or want to get more information about a product, you should scan the price tag to find the product on hm.com. You can also check for the availability of size, color, and much more.

All these innovative and beneficial eCommerce apps for small business have played a critical part in shaping online business experiences for millions of app users.

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