The most interesting and dynamic projects that are worth playing with four people


The gaming industry has such an interesting format that if you have a company of four players, you will have access to literally any content from the main projects.

However, you should choose the most interesting games that will definitely appeal to all group members and choose different genres.


It’s worth starting with the most famous project, whose history stretches back to the distant 90s and is expanded with each new series, bringing a huge amount of innovation to the gaming industry.

The relatively new part of GTA V, which was released exactly 10 years ago, still remains relevant for collective gameplay due to the many mechanics that were transferred from the story mode or were added by the developers specifically for GTA Online.

Heist system

For the first time, you will encounter the heist format in the story mode, where you will be taught to carry out the stages of studying the target of the raid, choosing variations of the execution of your plan, selecting equipment, choosing participants and their share, and of course the actual implementation of the heist.

If you went through the entire storyline before starting to study the full-fledged online mode, then you will be familiar with all the mechanics, but if not, then everything needs to be learned gradually and, fortunately, in the online format there will be more variations of the robbery and they will develop gradually.

To quickly get to the mechanics of the passage, you need GTA 5 boosting from professional services that will help you accumulate the required amount of money to buy real estate, which opens up important robberies.

If you go through all the robberies yourself, then only the first call from Lester will force you to split into groups of two for the first passage of the robbery of a small bank outside the city, in the rest you will play with four in all stages, and in order to open access to them, the apartments must be one player, at whose apartment all the players will gather to start.

GTA V boosting will help you get more profitable tasks and open real estate, which will accelerate the overall increase in money in your bank account.


Have fun and at the same time earn experience and money on custom maps or in regular races. You have to find out who is the fastest or complete difficult tasks using a car and trampolines.


You can get a simple and cheap GTA V boost simply by completing clearing missions. You need to get together in a group, come to the location, and destroy all the enemies that are there. There will be many opponents, not counting reinforcements. These could be ballas, Meriwether, military, and other characters that you regularly encounter in single-player.

Diablo 4

This is a role-playing RPG, the essence of which is that each player chooses his own character and adjusts the game plot and development so that it is comfortable for him and his allies to play.

With four of you, you can assemble a full-fledged combat squad that will cope with all difficulty levels, even when the enemies have the majority of resistance to the main type of attack.

You can choose a mage, an archer, a druid, and a necromancer, and you will have a full-fledged combat squad that will literally be able to destroy all the enemies that come your way in literally a matter of minutes.

There are no monsters with absolute resistance, so each player will be able to cope with their threat and help the team get into the end game – the most interesting and sought-after content.

Diablo is a dark fantasy with many caves and demons that you need to clear and constantly improve your heroes, including helping each other cope with difficulties.


A battle royale shooter that brought new mechanics and gameplay to the gaming industry and is ideal for four-player play.

You will land at a selected point on the map, and look for weapons, ammunition, accessories, and medicine, as well as armor and a helmet to confront the same groups.

Gradually, the playing area will narrow, forcing players to move to one point and fight each other even more.

The winner is the squad that survives and destroys all its opponents.

You will be able to use the terrain, vehicles, and airdrops to complete your tasks.

Apex Legends

A similar project in the battle royale genre, which has a slightly different dynamic. In this format, you will rely not only on your teamwork and personal shooting skills but also on the agent system.

Each agent is a separate character with its own mechanics, strengths, and weaknesses that will be useful in battle.

The most optimal for a group of four people:

1. Lifeline is a hero, a master of drone control and healing. Can raise an ally from a knockout not with his own hands, but with the help of technology. She is also capable of generating first aid kits, which will allow the heroes to replenish their health after difficult battles.

2. Octane is a robot hero who can withstand more incoming damage than other players and has built-in regeneration, which eliminates the need to look for first aid kits, but the ability does not work during battle and this is important to take into account.

3. Bloodhound is a natural hunter and master of tracking down targets. The hero is primarily useful as a scout since he almost always sees traces and knows where his goal is, no matter whether it is attack or defense.

4. Bastion is a hero who combines the mechanics of a tank, shooter, and artillery unit. Can withstand part of the damage due to the shield, fire weapons, and thereby help allies, and shoot mounted projectiles, destroying targets that are behind cover or in open areas.

Of course, these are not all the heroes that exist, and you can choose your own version and teamwork format – it is important to take into account the principle of a combat squad.

You need tanks that can soak up the initial damage without taking fatal damage, which is especially important during ambush attacks.

There must be excellent marksmen to destroy enemies who are capable of either reconnaissance or tracking down their target.

Finally, there must be supports that will help you recover after the fight, or directly in it. Remember that being wounded does not always mean death, and often the hero will simply be knocked out and wait for his allies to pick him up.

Shields, artillery, first aid kits, and drones will help you gain an advantage right in battle and knock out opponents from the game, and the more targets you can destroy, the higher in rank you will advance. Even if you don’t take top 1, but get closer to this mark, this will also play a good role in your promotion.

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