The Diverse Applications of LIS in the Modern Age


The advent of technology, coupled with the recent onset of COVID-19, has triggered a rapid transformation of the healthcare system. A substantial role in this equation is played by digital management solutions that streamline workflow and operations for pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, contract research organizations, hospitals, clinics, and a host of other entities.

NovoPath is a leading lab management solution that is enabling the healthcare sector to introduce greater efficiency and productivity into their routine operations. By offering an innovative platform for a diverse range of laboratories, NovoPath allows these institutions to gain a competitive edge in an essential services market.

Recently named on Medhealth Outlook’s prestigious top 10 list of laboratory management solutions, NovoPath is a 360-degree service that can revolutionize the conventional system for any healthcare institution by improving workflow accuracy, effectiveness, and patient safety. The system and its state-of-the-art features are distinct resources for any entity.

Here are some of how NovoPath is redefining traditional operations in the field of medicine:

Allowing pathologists to complete work faster

NovoPath’s comprehensive laboratory information system (LIS) offers diagnosticians an easy-to-use platform that facilitates better management and execution of tasks, ultimately allowing work to be done faster. Professionals can easily review and analyze specimen data, ask for fresh batches of slides, corroborate with other departments on relevant cases, and disburse reports within seconds.

The software makes it more convenient to locate, review, offer a prognosis, and dispatch case files. The entire process is hassle-free, time-efficient, and precise. Here are some of the features that make the LIS system from NovoPath the preferable choice for many pathologists:

  • Allows saving case progress at any stage
  • Enables customization of reports according to various formats
  • Facilitates case release within a matter of seconds
  • Has rich-text formatting embedded into the interface
  • Offers the ability to attach visuals directly to a case file swiftly
  • Professionals can quickly switch between tabs with little to no lag
  • Provides access to a vast cache of diagnostic descriptions and codes that are pre-configured
  • Simplifies communication with professionals irrespective of whether they are working down the hall or on another continent,

Mitigates the complexity of IT systems

The signature LIS system from NovoPath is delivered as a SaaS model powered by Microsoft, allowing it to handle complex tasks relatively easily. The system takes unexpected downtimes out of the equation allowing the overall productivity of the institution to jump significantly.

Security and efficiency are two of the most prominent concerns for any Chief Information Officer working in the healthcare field. NovoPath ensures that both these aspects are taken care of abundantly.

Cybercrime is a pertinent issue that keeps IT professionals on their toes, especially since the healthcare sector is a target of these malicious activities. With NovoPath, ensuring hackers are kept in check is a top priority while also ensuring proper internal balance. The software offers:

  • 2FA and SSO support,
  • Comprehensive audit trail,
  • Configurable policies and guidelines for data security,
  • SOC2 certifications,
  • Two-factor authentication,
  • User-based settings and profiles offer customization options,

Ensure quick and accurate results

Client satisfaction is another top priority for NovoPath 360 solutions because the software focuses on delivering fast and to-the-point results every time.

The easy-to-use LIS system from NovoPath enables healthcare institutions to ensure compliance, effectively manage routine production operations, keep an appropriate check on performance parameters, and track as well as compare results against set targets on a constant basis.

The NovoPath system makes sure that your laboratory operations remain seamless through the following key features:

  • Simple and easy comprehension of where a case is during any part of the management process,
  • Ability to perform swift, complete, and concrete audits without any trouble,
  • Allows bottlenecks to be identified much faster in comparison to other systems,
  • Automatically streamlines pathologist workflows for enhanced efficiency.

Offers a holistic view of lab operations

NovoPath 360 is an extensive management and information solution that offers incredible convenience and efficiency to lab managers and directors. The software provides a comprehensive and precise view of every operation, respective case, and each stage.
It allows them to identify bottlenecks, keep tabs on various workloads, monitor errors, and have every detail in sight. This paves the way for error reduction and mitigates operational inefficiencies allowing the lab to grow effortlessly.

Some of the features that set NovoPath apart include:

  • Custom-built and pre-programmed reporting formats and dashboards to improve workflow efficiency,
  • Automatic distribution of cases across various departments allowing better allocation of resources and management of tasks at hand,
  • Comprehensive end-to-end tracking from specimens all the way from accession to the storage facility,
  • Substantial focus on quality control and reduction of contamination risks across all aspects of the laboratory’s operations facilitated by labels with barcodes that are assigned to cassettes, slides, and requisitions,
  • Reduction of redundancies through stainer interfaces that are automated and streamlined.

NovoPath offers a distinct competitive edge for laboratories worldwide

The signature LIS system from NovoPath is designed to redefine the global information and management solutions infrastructure. The SaaS-based platform allows a diverse variety of labs, including molecular pathology and anatomic research facilities, to automate operations hassle-free and conveniently.

Laboratory information management systems are a breakthrough in effective digitalization, enabling better integration of instruments, management of samples, and related information. Thanks to the widespread availability of precise data from healthcare institutions worldwide, labs can produce more accurate and reliable results that can be generated quickly.

LIMS systems also empower laboratories to track data from sequencing runs over a period of time as well as across experimental developments to ensure appropriate improvement in efficiencies across the board. Through integrating these systems, a host of institutions are streamlining their processes and generating outcomes that facilitate diagnosis, treatment, and innovative discoveries.


LIMS systems are a technological breakthrough powering the drastic transformation of laboratories and the healthcare ecosystem in general. NovoPath’s 360-degree solution is a user-friendly, comprehensive, and dedicated platform that seamlessly integrates into the existing infrastructure. It boosts the efficiency of traditional processes, automates workflows, mitigates any chances for potential errors, and offers concrete cybersecurity and a diverse management avenue for operations as a whole.

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