Seven Ways to Take Your Digital Advertising to the Next Level


Do you know about digital advertising and how you can take it to the next level? Most businesses strive hard to become successful. They use strong leadership, operational efficiencies, employee motivation, and product innovation to meet their goal. But one component is a must for any business to fulfill its aim. And that is marketing.

With the advancement in technology, the marketing sector has evolved tremendously. Before organizations used traditional marketing techniques, but with the advent of digitalization, the marketing game has changed altogether. Most companies now try to take a competitive edge in the market by using digital marketing techniques.

Hence, delivering promotional content via digital channels is a new form of marketing becoming increasingly popular. You must also know which distribution channel you should use for fast results. Digital marketing leverages email, social websites, search engines, and other media to communicate with users. They show advertisements to the audience and try to attract more customers. Ads have always been the driving force behind the success of corporations. Multinational and small-scale businesses benefited from promotional campaigns. And the necessity of marketing hasn’t lessened one bit in this era of digital advancements.

Moreover, the digital medium has made marketing subtler, cheaper, more comfortable, and more efficient. However the popularity of digital advertising has dwindled, and it’s not as effective as it used to be. Wired Magazine’s first banner ad that launched in 1994 had a 44% click-through rate. Despite lower click-through rates, American advertisers spent $129 billion on digital ads last year. This spending exceeded $100 billion in 2018. By 2023, this figure will observe a dubious 67% increase.

Digital Advertising Strategies

These facts ascertain the importance of digital marketing for the growth of the business. But the advertising battlefield is never shy of competition. Therefore, a successful business has to bring ingenuity via innovation in its advertising game.

The following techniques can bring your digital ad campaign to the next level:

1. Leverage Facebook

The primary source of marketing a brand is through social media. Social platforms connect you with a highly targeted audience that reacts positively to your campaigns. Social media now influences the shopping decisions of more than 70% of purchasers. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all valuable websites you can leverage. But let’s focus on Facebook because the trick to a successful advertisement strategy is to initially focus on a single platform. Engaging stories, short videos, customer offers, event responses, and page likes, and shares cater to your public image. Facebook ads can short-list those users who are likely to be interested in your services. It’s also an effective medium to collect email addresses of prospective buyers. Therefore, through effective email list tactics, you can successfully implement the email marketing strategy to boost your business.

2. Target Your Audience

As we have just established, targeted ads should be your priority in this digital age. There is no use in marketing your product to people who aren’t likely to buy it. Therefore, you must learn about the critical demographics of social media users. You can find a massive majority of teenagers on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, you can use Twitter to connect with people in their twenties. It would be best if you also cared about the psychographics of your targeted audience. It includes the study of their interests and attitudes.

Moreover, ads work the best when they are subtle; since they don’t push people to buy from you. Try associating a specific emotion with your service/product. Focus on branding, not on conversion. Look at how some companies (such as Nike) end their ads. They use their trademark, “Just Do It,” as their call to action.

3. Video Marketing

Videos have now become the most critical factor in a consumer’s purchase decision. They increase the chance for a webpage to appear on the first page of Google. They can also improve conversions by more than 80%. Tech Crunch reveals that adults spend six hours a day watching videos. Therefore, video marketing is an essential recipe for the success of your business.

4. Smartphone Users

Another game-changing strategy is to focus on smartphone users. Yes, most of your potential customers are using their phones to socialize. Display and search ads on mobile phones are more likely to generate leads. As per research, people spend 70% of digital media time on mobile devices. If your product appears in mobile search results, you can increase brand awareness by 45%. More than 80% of people aged 18-29 depend on their smartphones when they shop online. So, make your mobile digital advertising smarter and more frequent.

5. Create High-Quality Content

Content is the key to your visibility and demonstration of your proficiency. High-quality content promotes your stuff by creating an emotional bond between you and your customers. Just look at how Pepsi has made a market for itself that connects to the brand psychologically. It’s because their ads are creative and focus on the innovative features of marketing. Could you even imagine a day when people would watch ads on YouTube for entertainment? Also, a banner ad with a slice of ingenuity would potentially expand your business domain. Other examples include Q&A sessions, interviews, blogs, walkthroughs, et cetera. 61% of consumers prefer companies that make high-quality content (a 2014 study).

6. Voice Search Optimization

What’s common between Siri, Alexa, and Echo? What’s the next significant change that’s going to revolutionize search engine marketing? It’s probably not a voice search, but appearing in vocal queries is good for business. 50% of adults use voice search daily. So, voice search optimization seems like an ideal business strategy for you.

7. Podcasts, Forums, And Community Boards

Podcasts or webinars (online seminars) help you interact with potential customers. Just like companies sponsor YouTube videos, you can sponsor yourself in someone else’s podcast. You can have a guest celebrity being interviewed in your podcast and advertise your brand to millions of watchers. How about using Quora, Reddit, 4Chan, or Deviant Art to advertise your brand? These forums and community boards are popular platforms to attract potential consumers. But you can’t directly promote your brand here if you don’t have high-class content.

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Nobody could imagine that obscure technology, such as the internet, would overwhelm our lives in the 21st century. Pew Research revealed in 2019 that 81% of Americans were online at least once a day. Among them, 28% had their eyes continuously glued to the screen of their smart devices. Moreover, 45% of them visited social networking websites several times a day. These statistics show how much advertisers can influence their consumers via the internet. But the real success lies in targeted ads and creative promotional campaigns. With the proper understanding of marketing strategies, your business will reach the epitome of the digital advertising game.

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