Tools to Auto Follow Twitter Users


Twitter is by far the most refined, malleable, and far-reaching social media platform out there. Having a large community on Twitter will only benefit you in the long run and having followers from foreign nations will expand the ambit of your knowledge on how opinions fluctuate with changing demographics. If you can auto-follow Twitter users,​ then you not only come off as an ethical individual, but you also impress upon your followers a healthy first impression.

Twitter has taken the long-overdue decision and is thankfully erasing fake and suspicious accounts aggressively.

However, following every one of your followers can have a couple downsides like auto-following spam and automated Twitter profiles. But there are certain apps that can assist you in filtering these burner accounts and here I’ll tell you about 8 such ‘Auto​ follow Twitter users’ apps.​

Best Tools to Auto Follow Twitter Users to Increase Followers

1. Social Oomph

A typical ‘auto follow back Twitter accounts’​ app that comes as a free and as a pro​ version. The free version allows you to only follow for a follow. Nothing beyond that.
The pro version enhances your repertoire of Twitter tools. It allows you to schedule your tweets’ publishing dates and sends a welcome message to your newest followers which certainly serves as a warm gesture and a crucial first impression.

To get started with Social Oomph, you have to go to their webpage where you register and sequentially, log in. Go to ‘Manage Account’ and pick the account you want to be an automatic follow Twitter account. Then you can use the advantages of Social Oomph as and when you pay for the pro version. The ideal personalization of the welcome message adds a new dimension of identity to your account.

2. Friend or Follow

A prototype of the follow-for-follow​ Twitter tools, Friends or Follow curates a list of​ your followers, mutuals, and friends. Once the list of them has been made available, you can go through it and drop a follow under the desirable accounts and unfollow the ones that are in excess of the surplus.

3. Refollow

A complete package ‘follow back Twitter’​ tool, Refollow comes with a plethora of​ appealing benefits. Refollow does the tough part for you by following the followers in considerable amounts.

Then it groups together the accounts that fall in the vicinity of your kind of account. Consequently, it sieves the unwanted accounts, and to cap it all off in style, it uses an inventory of recent tags and comments to manage your followers. Auto-following Twitter​ users never seemed easier.​

4. Reciprocate

Auto follow Twitter users might be your aim but Reciprocate presents a rather​ uncomplicated solution. The tool wraps up its analysis of your account and extends to you, a list of the accounts you don’t follow. You can handpick the accounts that seem to entice interest in you and are parallel to your niche and personality.

5. Popular Up

Popular Up is an advanced Twitter followers generator​ that can be linked to multiple​ accounts at a time.

If you check on the link given below, you’ll be redirected to a webpage that lists all sorts of possible options and variants in Popular Up plans that suit your account, need, and niche.

Popular Up guarantees a 100% retention of your followers plus has tonnes of features to improve engagement with your followers.

6. Twitter Karma

Twitter Karma is going to get you if you don’t follow for a follow. As I said it is the​ ethos of the unblue-ticked Twitter community to follow back its followers.

An effective tool for managing followers and friends, Twitter Karma is the ‘auto-follow​ Twitter users’ tool that manages and sorts your followers in lists. This sorting is based​ on the calculations accumulated from your amount of recent interactions with and activity on your followers’ Twitter accounts. This puts your sentiments to sleep and makes you methodical in your manner of following back other accounts.

7. Crowd Fire

One of the most used Twitter tools for managing a Twitter account, this app has a myriad of features that you can only dream of on other tools.

It allows you to manage the scheduling of your posting dates. Helps you bolster your content by suggesting trendy hashtags and serves you with a list of following, friends, and fans.

The app is available on Android as a free and paid version. The packaged subscription will unlock certain features that will add to the coasting experience of using this app. It can also help you compose a target audience for your business or product.

The latest evolution of Crowdfire has been equipped with even better features. Even the Crowdfire Plus plan, the cheapest plan available, now allows the linkage of 10 social accounts to its managing framework.

8. Tweepi

Tweepi is one of the best tools to follow back Twitter followers​ fast. A long-standing​ stalwart of this domain, it comes wrapped as a free and subscribed version. The upper limit for accounts you can follow on the free version has been frozen at 60,000.

It is a tool that offers you follow-for-follow​ and unfollow options with a wide range of​ filtering options. You can find the desired accounts to follow by filtering for location, language, follower count, and follow ratio.

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