What are the Different Types of Dash Cams that Exist Today?


Did you know that the dashboard camera market will likely earn more than ten billion dollars? Dashboard cameras, also called dash cams, are an important part of a vehicle that records footage while the vehicle is in motion or parked.

There are many types of dash cams that serve many purposes. Keep reading to learn about these types and to see which one best suits your needs!

1. Front Dash Cams

Basic dashcams are dashcams that are wired to the front of the vehicle and record the road in front of you. These dashcams do not have any other features and cannot record the inside of the vehicle.

This type of dash cam is important in capturing dash cam videos, which are videos that may help courts determine who is at fault should you get in an accident or should you witness one that is captured on your dash cam.

Dash cam technology can also help you to stay more aware of your surroundings. There are many providers that can help you install various types of dashcams for affordable prices.

2. Rear or Interior Dash Cams

A rear or interior dashcam can be useful in maintaining vehicle ownership since it helps to make sure that your car is not vandalized or stolen. Dash cams can help deter a thief or auto burglar. Additionally, the footage from the dash cam may be used to help identify the thief sooner and help you recover your stolen vehicle. 

Interior dashcams are also important for watching children of an appropriate age who may be left alone. Since dashcam footage can sometimes be accessed remotely, this can help you keep an eye on them even when you are not present.

Rear dashcams can monitor the road behind you. This is important in case you get hit from behind. The footage from the dashcam can help determine who was at fault, which is useful for courts and insurance companies.

3. Exterior Dash Cams

Exterior dash cams offer a full view on all sides of your vehicle. They are often more expensive than other types of dash cams since they are on the passenger side doors. Exterior dash cams help you visualize all of your surroundings and can help you keep a watchful eye on others that may lead to accidents and injuries.

An exterior dash cam can help to heighten alertness and help others on the road. These types of dashcams are popular for companies that are part of the logistics industry since they rely heavily on transportation. Incidents related to these vehicles can be very expensive to fix.

Which Types of Dash Cams Are Best?

Dash cams serve a variety of purposes, such as for business or for personal use. Therefore, it can be hard to determine the best dash cams, but the various types of dash cams all come with benefits that depend on your specific needs.

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