Difference Between Trello and Jira


Hello, everyone! Nowadays, our life has just incredible speed. Our modern lifestyle requires us to be extremely productive in order to do everything on time and achieve our goals. It is rather hard to keep every task you need to do in the head, and it is obvious that you make notes in order to manage the process of their fulfillment.

But nowadays it appears to be rather hard to manage everything on paper. Various devices are just great helpers here. But for managing various projects when having some devices and using them in some way appears to be a useless thing.

In order to ensure good project management, especially when you work in a team usage of some apps and services might become rather useful. That is why I want to cast light today on such marvelous apps and services as Trello and Jira. In addition, I would like to highlight the difference between them for you to choose the best suitable option.
So, let us figure out everything!

General overview

Before moving to the differences of these two marvelous tools, it would be nice to take a short overview of them.

First of all, let us turn our attention to Trello. In order to understand what Trello is, the best way is to imagine a huge board with a lot of sticky notes. To be honest, Trello looks like such a board indeed. It is just an amazing service that has either the app and the website. In Trello, you can leave different notes and attachments to them. You can leave comments on different notes and set various deadlines for projects. This tool is extremely useful when you work in a team because it becomes a way easier to divide the tasks between workers and teammates. Moreover, you can see the progress of every worker in the project you have as well as they can see yours.

As for me, it is flexible, easy to use and to understand tools that make any work or just a daily routine more structured. You can organize your work and life without extra effort and headache, manage everything really effectively, and be as productive as possible.

Difference Between Trello and Jira

Now, let us draw our attention to such a tool like Jira. Frankly speaking, it is like Trello, in general. But this tool has a number of differences. For example, Jira is more accurate in terms of defining a workflow, so you can check and control all the work done by you or your team, run it on the daily basis and see the progress. Jira is a powerful tool in terms of project management. Moreover, it helps a lot with developing skills in project management. In addition, Jira is a huge helper when we talk about software development, flexible project management, bug tracking, search engine management, content management, marketing, professional service management, and a lot of other things.

Main differences between Jira and Trello

Now, let us dive into the main differences between these two great tools.

Basic difference

Trello is a project management tool that is created to work in a cloud environment. It makes this tool rather valuable when you have some unpredictable situations. With this tool, you are able to use and create various boards, classify lists, and create different cards when you can describe all the tasks and details of the project you have in there.

When we are talking about Jira, this tool is a little bit stronger in terms of project management. It provides some active and effective methodologies like scrum boards. Furthermore, users have the opportunity to build multiple workflow templates and customize them during the work, when necessary.

When you use Trello, you can invite as many participants as you want to work on the same board. When you work on the same board, it is possible to see clearly all the progress you and all your teammates made. Also, you can see the status and all the tasks there. You have literally the same picture on the screen. All participants will be authorized to do some particular tasks and cards. Furthermore, all will be able to receive the push notifications and notifications sent per email or SMS. But here it all depends on a user’s preferences.

In terms of team collaboration, Jira is pretty the same thing. Here you can also easily track and examine the progress of work and whether the task is done by the person to which it was attached. It also provides the sharing of files and massaging as well as different tools for task management.

What is better? Which one to choose?

All the text above leads us to the final choice between these two tools Trello and Jira. So, what would be better for you to choose? I, personally, use Trello in my work because of its simplicity and flexibility. Moreover, it is a way easier for other people that I work with to understand how this tool works and get down to the job immediately. This tool is rather handy for me and it perfectly suits all who don’t like to figure out how something works for a long time. All your team understands everything in advance and the results of your work can be delivered earlier.

But, in case, if you ask me to give you a piece of advice here, I would probably advise you to use Jira. Especially, when you have a lot of projects and need a powerful and the most effective team collaboration and task management.

This tool is also pretty simple in terms of usage but it ensures a little bit stronger services for maintaining, checking, and delivering the results of work.


Now, guys you know almost everything about such amazing tools like Jira and Trello. I hope you have received some useful information here and all my efforts were not in vain. I have tried to provide my own opinion here but remember that the choice is always yours.

Be productive and have a nice day


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