Delhi-NCR Metro App: An Overview Of The Best Commuting App In NCR


Ask a true Delhiite and you will receive an abundance of praise for the app and the related information that the Delhi metro app offers to commuters. It is a delightful offering that provides every bit of information on new offerings Delhi Metro has to offer.

Delhi-NCR metro app for Android users being one of the best offering and is a state-of-art application developed for offering timely information on the schedule of the Delhi metro. It, thus, of course, adds convenience keeping the commuters completely informed about the Delhi metro system and information on the city as well.

Unconventional news about this particular app is it’s an offline application the installation of which offers information related to route search divided into different lines, station search, and Google map location of all the stops.

Let’s Have A Detailed Analysis Of Delhi Metro App Features

Route Search

This feature includes information on a number of elements including fare information between two stations, number of stops, total time, and information on stops and switches if there are any in between.

Map Display

It displays the Delhi metro map with an additional offering of getting the complete information in between two stations just by tapping the station you want to start from and the desired destination. You will have the map overview of the same. Delhi metro app shows the best Delhi NCR metro map.

Updated Fare Information

Updated metro fare often seems an additional burden and when you don’t have the information about the same you truly feel like a victim. However, with the Delhi metro app, commuters will always be updated with the latest news on the updated fare.

Multiple Path Display

“Sort by the time” and “sort by fare” are the two different options that help commuters get information on their desired destination. The app shows multiple possible paths based on these two attributes.

Besides all the bunch of information listed here, the Delhi metro application is a complete delight for commuters. Another unique offering from the app includes information on landmarks and tourist destinations of nearby metro stations. The app also furnishes knowledge on the nearest metro station by that landmark along with fare and minimum hours to reach there from the destination the user chooses on the metro map Delhi.

Details on feeder bus service at metro stations along with the details on routes and helpline numbers is another exceptional offering that categorizes the Delhi metro rail app from other similar offerings.

Delhi metro crisscrosses the national capital region on nine different operational routes helping commute thousands of passengers to different destinations. Having a centralized app like the Delhi metro route app for iOS users keeps these commuters updated about the new offerings that the Delhi metro has rolled out recently.

While having complete information on the routes and fares of the metro is an exceptional offering, having the information on the metro card and token serves greatly too. We generally forget when we last recharged our cards or the amount left on the card. Having access to such an application makes it easy to retain any related information.

Although the Delhi metro offering is an offline application it works wonders when users go online in order to help commuters search stations “by address” with the help of Google Maps. You can also check traffic to the way of work or home.

The Bottom Line

The attributes of the Delhi metro navigator app include a superb user-friendly interface designed with brilliant features. The app offers detailed information on particular stations that commuters can access at any point in time. The recent addition to the app is information on the Aqua line that has just been opened for commuters. The interactive map on the app has also been updated to extend the user experience. The app has set a benchmark in providing every bit of information on the Delhi metro.

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