Tips and Tricks to Help You Remove Duplicate Images From iPhone


Do you know how to delete duplicate images on iPhone? As time goes by, we accumulate a lot of phone duplicates on our iPhones. It happens and it’s something natural, but we need to find the right way to deal with that. This is why we are here to assist with a comprehensive, professional system that helps get rid of that problem as quickly as possible.

How to Delete Duplicate Images on iPhone

Use Gemini Photos

Gemini Photos is a great app that can help you find and then remove duplicates from your device. What it does is it helps you check the app and then you can see a Duplicates tab. That’s the place where you can go and check what photos you can delete. It’s possible to just press a button to delete those duplicates and then you can go from there.

Use the Duplicates functionality

When you enter the Albums part of your device, you can scroll down and then you see Duplicates. All you have to do is to check if those images are duplicates and if they are, you just have to delete them. It’s a great idea to keep in mind, and the value as a whole can be great. It’s a consistent way to remove duplicates, but it won’t be as efficient for identifying duplicates when compared to other apps.

Use the search bar

The search bar can be helpful if you want to remove duplicates. What this does is it allows you to see where there are any duplicates according to your input. That means you need to know the overall keyword and figure out what kind of duplicates you might have. That’s not always simple to do, but it can work pretty well and that will be a great idea to take into consideration.

Remove images from the cloud

Sometimes you can find duplicate images in iCloud too. After all, the app automatically creates a backup of images and it can become an issue to deal with something like that. This is why a good idea to remove app pictures from your device that are duplicates, either manually or with a tool like Gemini Photos. Then you go to the Photos, check the option iCloud Photos and here you start the Sync this Phone option. Now any duplicates are removed, since the app syncs with the stuff on your device. And that’s great because it circumvents issues, while still making the process very consistent and convenient.


It’s always great to have a tool that helps you remove duplicate images as fast as possible. There are always problems that appear when there are way too many duplicates. It’s a great idea to avoid any rush and a good rule of thumb is to remove the duplicates even with an app or manually. Once you do that, you can sync iCloud with the phone to remove duplicates from there. As soon as you do that, it will make the process consistent, and you will appreciate how efficient and dependable the process can actively be.

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