The Importance of Delegation within the Construction Process


Once you graduate beyond joinery-sized construction projects, more than one person is realistically needed, which is easily known after getting an estimate of work from construction estimating services.” And as the scale of the project increases, the number of people involved naturally increases. However, members of management can find it hard to let go of various aspects of a project, especially if they have a particular interest. However, there are many vital reasons why learning to delegate and work collaboratively is essential to the success of the construction process.

Effective Project Management

A significant portion of any construction project manager’s time is ensuring that many plates remain spinning. With so much to keep running smoothly, it’s only sometimes possible to attend to everything promptly. Thus, knowing when to delegate the overseeing of a task to someone else is vital to the health of a construction project. Using a cloud-based collaborative software package allows for clear communication and tracking of work, allowing a PM to quickly explain and track delegated work without wasting a lot of time.


As construction phases end, any snagging issues must be dealt with so they don’t cause problems later. On a substantially sized project having one person with multiple responsibilities run through the construction punch list could prevent items from being missed if they become distracted. Software that lets several key people access the list ensures nothing is overlooked. A cloud-based punch list is easy to update, such as when the project owner visits near completion and any last-minute details and questions arise.

Training Opportunities

On-the-job training is one of the best ways for staff to work towards advancement, and delegating jobs is an excellent way to do this. Letting workers take on tasks of increasing difficulty gives both management and staff members a chance to assess where their ability levels lie. Once the worker becomes confident in a job, it can provide the manager time for career development. Career development at all levels dramatically benefits the whole team.

Effective Use of Workforce

Everybody has their assigned job on a construction site, from the project manager to the apprentice laborer. While everyone must know their place on the site, the nature of construction means there are times when part of the workforce is busy, and others have downtime. Delegating jobs to those with excessive downtime helps spread the load, keeps the project running on time, and helps with upskilling.

Construction jobs often have financial clauses tied to completion dates – come in early and get a bonus, complete late, and suffer a financial penalty. Companies with a reputation for completing jobs on time and to a high standard will win more bids than less thought competitors. Staff will appreciate briefly taking on other roles if it gives them job security and the possibility of financial bonuses.

Whether it’s checking all items on the punch list are checked off, or there aren’t staff standing around idly for hours, delegation is an essential skill everyone must use for successful construction projects.

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