The Importance Of Customer Support In SaaS Product Development


Businesses can only run with customers. Customers make your brand popular and help you increase your revenue. But for that, you provide excellent support.

Like any other business, customer support also plays a crucial role in coercing software product engineering services experts to prioritize it always. Excellent support allows you to build a strong relationship with your customers. Customer support helps create more loyal customers by helping them resolve their queries or issues.

This blog will discuss the importance of customer support in SaaS Product Development and help you take one step closer to success. Let’s Start!

What Is Customer Support, And How Does It Work?

Before going any further, you must understand customer support and how it works. So, customer support is helping and supporting your products’ users.

Good customer support leads to increased revenue and fruitful relationships with customers! For instance, customer support assists you in developing fruitful relationships with your customers by helping them make informed purchasing decisions and with any post-deal needs.

Tips To Implement Good SaaS Support Models

  1. Provide comprehensive training to support agents on the product and its features
  2. Implement a multi-channel support channel involving email, live chat, phone, and social media
  3. Opt for seamless integration between channels for better support
  4. Set clear response time goals and strive to respond promptly
  5. Address customers by their names and acknowledge previous interactions
  6. Anticipate potential issues by reaching out to customers beforehand with tips and resources
  7. Provide a comprehensive knowledge base or FAQ section
  8. Collect feedback through surveys after each support interaction
  9. Use analytics to track support ticket trends and response times
  10. Offer round-the-clock support in different time zones
  11. Recognize outstanding support agents and reward them

Importance Of Customer Support- SaaS Support Models

According to statistics, around 68% of customers leave your SaaS product when they do the expected customer support. Moreover, it is also shown in statistics that customers are willing to pay around 25% more just for good-quality customer support.

There is only one better approach to connecting with customers and creating strong relationships than providing customer support. Read the following points closely to understand the importance of customer support in SaaS Product Development:

Enhancing Loyalty

Customer service on a personal level helps customers feel respected and cared for. As stated above, Statistics show support plays a crucial role in not just getting new customers but in retaining the existing ones.

More Likelihood Of Long Term Association

Customer Support increases the possibility of customers buying your SaaS product. Customer support can solve the queries of any customer, and when customers get responses, they feel like your SaaS product is genuine and buy it. By adopting SaaS support models, you can increase your sales. Mailchimp, Shopify, Buffer, and Headspace are some of the SaaS companies that have tremendous growth due to their support system.

The long-term customer relationships established through customer support can help businesses become more profitable.

Improved Public Image

The public’s opinion of a company’s brand can be improved with customer assistance, which can offer defense in the event of blunders. 80% of customers would forgive a company for a mistake after receiving excellent service.

Great Source Of Feedback

Customer support teams act as a valuable source of feedback. They gather insights into common user pain points. You also get areas for improvement and relay this information to the SaaS product development team.

Support interactions provide valuable data that you can analyze to make informed decisions. The data also reveal patterns, and improvement areas and assist in making data-driven choices for the future of the product.

Increase Conversions

Good support services can help businesses grow in sales. 78% of customers say they have turned away from a purchase due to a poor customer experience.

It’s been observed that well-trained customer support teams identify opportunities to upsell or cross-sell. They bring additional features or services to existing customers. This leads to increased revenue per customer and contributes to overall business growth.

Competitive Advantage

In this competitive market, excellent customer support sets your SaaS product development process apart. Customers are more likely to choose a product with a reputation for superior support. Even if your product has fewer features compared to that of other offerings.


No matter how satisfied your customers are with your product, they will only build loyalty toward it if they get good customer support. If you don’t assist your customers, they will feel ignored, like you don’t care about their satisfaction.

That’s why you must always provide customer support so they feel valued. Software product engineering service professionals emphasize that support is beneficial not only for customers but for businesses as well. It lets you know where your SaaS product is lacking and fix it before it becomes a significant problem.

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