8 Point Checklist For iOS App Development


When developing a mobile application, the very first thing a developer needs to select is the right platform for the application. In this digital space, we mostly think of Android or iOS as viable platforms for mobile apps. As we know, Android dominates the global smartphone market with 83%, while iOS has a large number of loyal customers in its bag.

There are several benefits of having an app for iOS. iOS devices are faster than Android devices. Applications work easily and remain error-free. An iPhone or iPad has similar functionality but depending on their model, Android phones work differently. This facilitates the use of iOS devices.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, tips and tricks play an important role in your arsenal. Here are some points to keep in mind when you start developing an iOS app.

1. Make a detailed plan before building an iOS app

Planning is an integral part of every project. Any poorly planned project is doomed to failure and has little chance of achieving success.

Before diving deep into iOS app development, decide if you want to develop an app for an iPhone or an iPad. After making this decision, determine the purpose of the application. As Apple users are more dedicated to powerful and stable apps, iOS developers need to know how to develop applications that perform excellently on an iPhone.

2. Keep Your Design Simple

Maintaining a simple design makes work less complex. Of course, you can change the designs later, after gaining some experience and confidence. However, if you are just starting out, it is recommended that you start with a very simple design that is relatively easy to use and unique at the same time.

The Instagram app is a great example of how unique and simple the “live music status” feature is.

3. Give Coding Your Time

The level of your programming experience determines how comfortable it is to develop applications. Apple has minimized the struggles that developers experience, by launching iOS 8 and the programming language Swift in 2014. The Swift Programming Language is a powerful, easy-to-understand, fast, secure, and interactive programming language for iOS. iOS app developers can also work with the widely used Mac program called Xcode to develop apps for iPhones and iPads.

Coding has definitely become easier now, but good developers remain the true heroes of the success of any application.

4. Ensure Compatibility With All Versions

As we know, the iPhone has a strong base of loyal followers. iPhone enthusiasts usually wait for new products and are in queue to buy them as soon as they are available on the shelves! However, not everyone can afford the luxury of an iPhone. Many users still use older versions of iOS. If applications are not built to be compatible with all versions, application developers may lose some of their target audience.

If the application you create is not compatible with all existing versions of iOS, you may lose a large number of users. If you are developing an app for a client, you will probably lose potential traffic, especially if the app you developed is not compatible with older versions of iOS. Losing significant traffic also results in the loss of a proportionate amount of your income.

5. Build a Mobile Marketing Application

Mobile apps should be functional, practical, economical, and interactive. If you are good at developing iOS applications, you can make improvements and take advantage of them by integrating various social networks.

Reaching out to a larger number of potential users can be achieved by using interactive marketing methods to help any company build a strong and meaningful relationship with the right type of consumers. If you can build a strong relationship with the intended customer, they will certainly pay more attention to the mobile app you develop.

iOS mobile apps that have a powerful marketing feature built into the mobile app work much better than those that do not have them. It also helps many app owners to determine the exact environment from which the audience or traffic originated, and helps to promote the app across multiple relevant media.

6. Don’t Forget To Figure In Battery Consumption

An experienced iOS application development company also knows the expectations of a user. Battery Consumption and battery life are some of the most worrying issues for mobile phone users, and many of them consider retaining any app they downloaded and installed on their device after they see that it does not affect battery life adversely.

It makes sense that high-performance processors consume more power, resulting in low battery levels in a short time. In general, most iOS app developers or agencies do not consider battery usage and almost never take special measures to extend the device’s battery life. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for the great dissatisfaction among users of their applications. This bothers the user and may even give them a reason to abandon or uninstall the application.

Including some measures to reduce battery consumption will certainly give you an advantage over your competitors. However, it is very important that you test the application before you launch it.

7. Driving Quality Traffic

A positive and working mobile application will surely lead to high-quality traffic. Of course, if you have tried to create a unique, useful, fun, interactive application that satisfies the client’s audience, you will get a positive response from an interested audience or visitors.
When an application gets a lot of traffic because of revenue, supply, or demand growth, make sure you are ready to handle the increased traffic from all the marketing channels you choose.

The app should not be blocked, slow down, or provide cause for people to leave without ever returning. The application in its design must be robust enough to maintain its functionality and user interaction levels to manage issues and their overall engagement.

8. Promotions

The Promotion part is crucial to the success of any app that is present on the app store. After all, a lot of effort is put into the development of applications for iPhones and iPads. Apply promotional strategies to target and increase traffic and conversions.


I hope this article provides you with enough tips to start with the iOS app development process. If you are looking for a veteran Mobile app development company in the USA that takes care of all your iOS development needs, QualDev Inc. is among the best you can find in the business.

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