What Capabilities Should Your Field Service Management Software Have?


Selecting the right field service scheduling software can present many hurdles. Each business offers a unique service, and every field service manager faces different challenges. Service providers need to keep up with increasing customer demands because of this they are slowly turning towards technological aids such as field service software. To meet varying field service needs, service providers also need to be able to access different features of the software. 

Software that can be customized is mobile-friendly, and flexible and can prove highly useful for field service management businesses. 

Technology is constantly evolving in the field service industry. There are innovations taking place such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and the Internet of Things (IoT). These new technologies require field service management software to support them.

That is why you need to think beyond routine and take a careful approach when searching for field service management solutions. After all, it can be hard to make a good choice. To make the right selection, you must first figure out which features seem absolutely irreplaceable to you. Another important aspect to consider is how it will assist you in the long term. To be certain your online field service scheduling software meets your needs.

Make sure it has the following features and capabilities—

An integrated system

No matter how big your service company is, there will always be more than one software on the job. You will find accounting software, ERP, and CRM software all aiding your field service business. This software is essential to the success of your business because the majority of information comes from them. Your field service software must integrate customer and employee information, contact details of vendors, inventory, and parts, as well as accounting details from these other tools. 

And for this, it’s important that your field service software is able to integrate with these systems. The more integration you can achieve, the less your employees will need to have multiple systems open. They can be content with the system they value most as automation will do the rest. You’re not making the most of your field service software if it isn’t easy to integrate with other solutions.

Customization of workflows

Field service management must be flexible. Every day, new technology and tools are being added to the industry. Field service software should be able to deal with these changes. After all, field service software is the best way to build and gain success in a service business. But then a static one will make it impossible to change the way it works. This, in turn, will make it difficult for you to change how the business runs. Customizability should be your priority because changes are always possible in the service business.

Since every business operates differently, each work order software should be customized to suit the business’s needs. The way you provide service will be different from the way your competition does it. So, your software must be able to handle a variety of processes. It is important to be able to incorporate new technology into your workflow when you are in the field service industry. End-to-end field service management solutions that handle everything from work orders to billing are what you want.

Mobile compatibility

Mobility is not something you should have, it’s a must-have. This is because most work order software programs are built around field service mobile apps. A field service scheduling app can be used by anyone in the field, including technicians. Mobile tools cut down on administration time and eliminate paper-based work orders. It transforms your field service management staff into an on-demand service team.

However, mobility must be adaptable to changes. Mobile technology is constantly evolving. In the past, field service managers bought their workers new phones. Today, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a growing trend. This is because mobile apps are available on both Google Play and the iPhone App Store. Any mobile device can be converted into a work order management tool. The new empowered field service tablets allow technicians to complete checklists, review service history, and parts information, and close off work orders. It’s an essential part of dispatching, scheduling, and management. To achieve the best results, it’s important to be flexible with your mobile strategy.

Is it cloud-based?

You should consider whether the software can be used as a cloud-based work order system because you want to be in control of your software at all times and from anywhere. Cloud-based software has the most flexibility as it allows for easy upgrades, to add more features. Since service organizations are highly mobile and often have employees working in multiple locations, it is essential to have work order software that can be used from every location.

Cloud-based software allows field service management teams to scale as required. The entire system can be updated as needed. Besides, everyone is using the same platform and has the same information.

The bottom line

Your software must be able to fulfill all your field service requirements. You need the software to automate the processes of your field technicians and make their lives easier. But to benefit fully from a field service software program, you need the right functionalities in it. Use solution software so that it helps your business adapt to changing field service management trends. Invest in a product that can drive your business forward.

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