Business Marketing: Top 8 Tips for Small Businesses


This collection of top tips for small businesses looking to improve their business marketing will help target that valuable energy. Your time and energy are so important! Use them right and take a look at them.

Nowadays, many sales and marketing firms are available to help small businesses get leads & customers.

Top 8 Tips for Small Business Marketing

1) Ensure all business listings online are correct

This is something that makes a big difference. Even if it’s a little discrepancy, it changes the statistics in your analysis and splits your referrals that are calculated on clicks. People want to see that you’re reliable and consistent, which makes it especially important to make sure it’s across the board, even down to opening hours and postcodes.

2) React to customer feedback

People matter and you have to make sure you prove it to them. It’s people, your customer base, that your marketing strategies address and consider, and as for the customer base themselves, they want to know that they’re important to you. 

If the feedback from the customer is positive, be grateful, be enthusiastic, and thank the customer. You can use it in your marketing – it’s a good look to prove you care for every individual and sharing that provides a positive testament as well as showing your good attitude and gratitude. 

You can even make negative feedback into a learning experience, and people like to see that. Prove you’re listening, prove you care, and prove you’re receptive to the customer’s feelings and opinions. Remember, negativity isn’t honest reviews, so be fair, and reasonable and set a good example.

3) Ensure you have a modern engaging website

If your website looks outdated, people will assume the same about you and your product or service. Modernity takes into account how people interact with media these days, i.e., in the fewest clicks possible, what you have above the fold, and how you access or distribute information. Engagement is all about your customer base – check out what engages them and use it in your branding and marketing. Keep it authentic and true to your brand whilst having your target in mind at all times.

4) Consistently push high-quality content

This one’s important in two parts: ‘high quality and ‘consistently pushing content’. 

High quality is key. Don’t have anything poor quality or boring associated with you, because in the same way that anything high quality will reflect on the rest of the brand, so will less positive things if you give them a platform. 

Consistency means publishing often and without being samey. Pushing content is a good way to keep the brand in front of people, but the way you push it needs to be relevant, respectful, and interesting.

5) Ensure SEO is prioritized as your main marketing channel

There’s a reason to prioritize SEO services. Using SEO services is the best way to get yourself visible – and stay there.

SEO services place you higher up on the search engine results by analyzing what’s currently available and then using keywords and terms in your content. SEO services are a priority for a reason and it’s a really key asset that small businesses need to be aware of. Small businesses should jump on SEO services if they’re looking to be successful.

It’s also good to note that prioritizing SEO services as the main channel means there are multiple channels. It’s important to incorporate a healthy mixed-channel approach to a strong marketing strategy. If you’re looking to consider SEO in a larger capacity then it’s also recommended you consider an SEO consultant and not just SEO agencies. SEO consultants are just as effective as SEO agencies.

6) Consider email marketing

It’s a branch of its own, but it can be very impactful. Selling products is hard but working out how to reach people can change the tide. Consider the time, day, season, holiday, and demographic to make a great campaign. 

7) Run social accounts and regularly post

Socials make the world go round these days, in fact, people will often search Instagram or Twitter to find you. It helps establish and secure your brand image and public visibility. Socials give you the opportunity for more informal, engaging content, as well as critical interaction with clients, prospective clients, and influencers. Regular posts keep you visible, and on the mind, and show you’re alive and thriving. 

8) Consider running PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaigns

In short, PPC or pay-per-click gets your website traffic. This is a benefit for small businesses particularly because it gets people to you and you only pay the publisher for successful clicks. It’s quantitatively measurable, and if you’re all “we could persuade them if they just knew about us”, this is ideal. It means that what they land on has to be good…


Marketing in the business world can be diverse because of the scope of brands wanting to share and promote their products or services, but these tips are fairly applicable across the board.

Small businesses have to work hard, it’s no secret. When you own or work at a small business, it’s often long hours of dedication and energy, which is why it’s more important than ever for our industrious small business owners to find the methods and strategies, like SEO services, that do the most work.

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