Building Inspections in Adelaide Resource


Do you know how much is a building inspection in Adelaide? In this article, we have added everything you need to know.  If you are in the Adelaide area, and perhaps you’re trying to find a new home to purchase, want to put your heart on the market, or simply need to deal with an insurance claim, more than likely, you’re going to need a proper building in section. Why? Well, all of these agencies want proof that can help you get the most out of the property, and each inspection for each situation may have different purposes. In this guide, we’re going to talk about how to choose the best building inspection company in all of Australia.

Why Building Inspection in Adelaide Important?

When you want to do a pre-purchase inspection when you’re going to buy a home, you are going to look for defects that exist and repairs that may need to be made before you actually pay for the home. By getting a proper building inspection done, you can actually eliminate your chances of needing to do repairs, or you may be able to negotiate having to pay less for a building if the property needs extensive repairs done to it (diminishing the actual appraisal value of the property at the initial offer).

Another reason that a building inspector is done is also to help avoid this from happening if you are going to be the seller and plan on putting your house on the market. By having a building inspected before you even plan to do so, you can get the repairs that you’ll need to do in order to save time and money later on in the real estate market process.

Do Building Inspectors Need to Have Proper Qualifications?

As a matter of fact, Australian Standards are strict, and all building inspections must comply with AS 4349.1-2007. If there is anything done that is not covered in this, or the items aren’t inspected that should, you have the right to question the inspection. At the same time, all inspectors have to have years of experience in order to give the property a quality evaluation and document everything (and we do mean literally everything). Make sure your inspector is a licensed architect, or even a builder, possibly even just a surveyor in the architectural field of work. You can also read property investment tips.

Don’t hesitate to Tag Along

While you don’t actually have to be present when a building inspection is being done, why wouldn’t you want to be? You can literally tag along (of course you may not get into all of the crawlspaces and confined spaces that an inspector goes in, but can be waiting when they get out), so you can see and ask questions as the inspection is ongoing. The best inspectors will answer any question.


If you’re in Adelaide, you want to make sure that you definitely look into They are qualified with extensive knowledge of various building codes and standards, as well as have a handful (not just one) of certificates involving every aspect of your home so they can give you a quality inspection. They even take photos for you (if you don’t bring your own camera, even though it’s advised) of everything so you can use that to secure your case.

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