WhichOne Is Better For Blogging, WordPress Or Blogger?


Do you know about the Blogger or WordPress? Today, there are more than a trillion websites that run on WordPress and Blogger. Assuredly, the idea of blogging has skyrocketed in the past few years and the statistics are only going to increase in the coming years. Every day, a new blogger comes up with a new idea and starts an online business venture. Ideas of any niche. Whether it’s about food, traveling, technical knowledge, or any other, the only way to let that knowledge reach out to the world is via WordPress and Blogger.

If you are planning to start a new blog you must read this entire article.

Often, bloggers go through the dilemma of choosing between WordPress and Blogger. Of course, there is a difference between WordPress and Blogger, but what? How to figure that out? Let’s search that out:

Blogger vs. WordPress – The Good


How does the word FREE sound to you? Always amazing!

It takes only a couple of minutes to build a website for your blog or, if you have a Gmail account then you already have an account with Blogger. Just open the Blogger, log in with your email account, click on a new blog, pick a name for your blog, select a Blogspot URL, and bam, your blog is ready.

Unlike WordPress, Blogger doesn’t use complex methods to add gadgets to the blog. Blogger has the simplest process for the users who don’t want to spend time in designing the websites. Once your blog is ready, you can monetize it with Google ads but for that, your blog should have enough content to showcase to the visitors.


Owning Your Site! One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress over Blogger is that you truly own all the rights to your website. Unlike Google, it doesn’t store your data and information. WordPress is used by bloggers to build a simple blog or to build a highly profitable business. Also, you can promote affiliate links, grow an email list, or place ads on your blog to earn a profit. The usage of WordPress plugins can supercharge your blog!

When you create a blog with WordPress, the only limit you have is the one you set!

Blogger vs. WordPress – The Bad


Blogger offers only a limited range of colors and designs. So, your website will merely be different from the other 30 million websites of Blogger.

There is no particular area offered by Blogger to control your comments on the dashboard. All you can do is either allow the comments or not. In case, you have to reply to the comments, you need to go to each individual page which makes the process time-consuming.

The page size limit is only 1MB and the Picture storage is at the greatest of 1 GB. (Ouch!)


Like Blogger, the process of moderating the comments is very consuming in WordPress too. It demands a lot of upkeep.

WordPress’s features are more extensive than those of Blogger which makes learning them a difficult task.

There are back-ups, updates, themes, and plugins, tracking and keeping the comments on your blog nice and tidy. As you start with WordPress, you’ll learn that it is more than what you had expected.

Blogger vs. WordPress- The Ugly


The nightmare of creating a blog on Blogger is that it’s run and owned by Google. They can even shut it down when your blog is booming and you will have nothing as the collateral. The thought of not being able to own your blog is something that will always keep you resistant to building a website with bloggers.


With regular updates in WordPress, it gets really difficult to keep up with the pace as it gets expensive. To add more to the ugliness, the WordPress server is not as secure as the Blogger. So, the chances of blowing everything up in the smoke are there.


Both platforms have their boons and banes. WordPress is a good choice but at the same time, we can’t ignore Blogspot’s few advantages over WordPress. What you need depends totally upon you!

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