Dive Into Some Fun with the Best Word Scramble & Anagram Games


I grew up playing word scramble anagram games and I love them to this day. I recently wanted to find something that would give me and my kids something fun to do when they’re home from school, and I thought that word unscramble and anagram games were the perfect solution.

That being said, I also didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on something the kids wouldn’t even like. So, I began to see what was available on the internet and, in the process, came across AppGrooves. It’s a website with the top 10 app lists for just about anything you can think of and Word Scrambles was one of them. I’ll include a link.

Did you ever play google dino game or bill gates money game? You can also give these games a try as well.

Best 10 Word Scramble Anagram Games by AppGrooves

I decided to give a few of them a go and, sure enough, it was just like being a child again – except way more efficient because no game pieces are actually needed. I’ve been having so much fun teaching my kids about the games I grew up on, and I wanted to include my favorites here for you so maybe you can do the same with your family.

Word Chums – Rating: 4.8, Downloads: 1M

Word Chums is fun for playing with multiple people, regardless of where they are located, and customizing your game; something which physical board games don’t allow you to do. I’ve found myself totally hooked when it comes to increasing my intelligence with new words and giving my character a head-to-toe makeover again and again. You have the ability to combine your love for gaming and an anagram solver without ever having to sacrifice your time; after all, no board game equals no setup – hooray!

I do want to acknowledge that some users have expressed that they accidentally clicked the wrong buttons during gameplay because of the layout of the app. My best advice to combat this is just to pay extra close attention to where you’re tapping your mobile device screen in order to avoid similar issues.

Pros: Play with multiple people and customize your character.
Cons: Buttons are located close together.
Overall: You’ll love the diversity of player customizations to make the game feel like your own, just pay extra attention to pressing the correct buttons.

Wordscapes – Rating: 4.9, Downloads: 10M

Wordscapes is a really good choice for beginners because of its variety of levels that slowly prepare you for more challenging word jumble puzzles! The layout is fairly simple with nice, bright themes that keep you from being bored while you play; you have the option to play in a forest, desert, or ocean. There are nearly 4,000 free levels and daily puzzles to keep you busy in your downtime, which is amazing for busy parents like me who just want to have something to do while the kids are at sports practice.

There are hints that can be purchased for 100 coins each but earning enough in-game currency to buy them can be tough. You do have the option to guess additional words that are not in the puzzle for bonus coin rewards, and you can also watch short videos for free coins. Of course, you absolutely don’t need hints to play and win, but this is an option you might want to consider.

Pros: You can choose the setting you play in and it’s good for beginners.
Cons: Need in-game coins to purchase hints.
Overall: The perfect word scramble app for beginners, just note that you will have to pay in-game currency in order to get hints.

Word Cookies – Rating: 4.6, Downloads: 10M

I find it very nice, almost refreshing, to be able to practice using my vocabulary in a word scramble form. I never have to worry about completing every single puzzle because there are just so many to choose from and new ones are always being added daily. The interface is user-friendly, which means it’s perfect for those of us who don’t consider themselves very “tech-savvy.” Children and adults alike – from the experiences my kids and I have had – can expect to have fun and even be educated with this game.

Sometimes you will find that the words the game wants you to guess are pretty uncommon. So, if you ever do get stuck, there is a hint feature you can use. I will say that I’ve enjoyed finding new words that I don’t come across on a daily basis because I find it’s really helping me expand my vocabulary.

Pros: Good for kids and adults, and it’s easy to use for people who have trouble with technology.
Cons: Some of the more obscure words can be tough to figure out.
Overall: Everyone, regardless of age, will learn and have fun with this app, but there are hints available too if you just can’t figure a word out.


I’ve been having an absolute blast challenging my brain with word puzzles and my kids have been enjoying it too. We’ve loved bonding over these games that I grew up with except this time there’s absolutely no mess involved, which is great for a busy parent like me. If you’ve been wanting something to do with your kids – or even if you just want to take a moment to yourself – I really highly recommend you check out at least one of these word scramble anagram games.

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